Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ji De Chi : Asian Dessert

I'm fond of Asian desserts and it's always nice to indulge in these with people who have passion in eating it.

I was lucky (again) to be with Harris of The Simplest Aphrodisiac  and first time with Daniel & Lay Sian of Memoirs of Food .

I just love them as they consider getting something asian for desserts instead of indulging nice chocolate cakes as I am leaving Singapore soon . :)  Thanks guys! 

This was what I got...

Yam Paste - this is my favorite asian dessert.  It kinda reminds me of my childhood afternoon, when I would have Ginatan#  in front of me as a snack, which is quite similar to yam paste.   I like the texture of this paste, though, i prefer the ones served at Swa Garden##, a Teo Chew restaurant in Macpherson Road. It's sweeter but just right, to please Filipino taste buds like mine.

Iced Red Beans with Balls - Harris choice...always sweet and yummy!

Mango Pomelo Sago - Daniel and Lay Sian's dessert.  The mangoes tasted natural which made this dessert such a delight. :)

This was the seconds dessert we had (as during the food blogger outing (next post!), dessert was already included).  But it didn't stop us to scoop out most of it.

Price Summary (in SGD)
Yam Paste $3.30
Iced Red Bean with Balls $3.50
Mango Pomelo Sago $4.00
NO GST and NO SVC charge

Ji De Chi
#8 Liang Seah St.
#01-03 Singapore
(walking distance from Bugis or
Raffles City)

# - Zeety Jones
## - ieatishootipost


  1. I love the hot desserts at Ji De Chi. Especially the sesame paste :)

  2. Hi Bella V, oooh..i should try to get that when i'm back in SG for a visit :)

  3. I noticed something different about your photos! What's your secret? ;)

    I love ORH NEE (yam paste)! I can never have enough of it. Haha!

  4. hahaah same here! don't remind me, i might get it in a year from now...

    Funny you, i don't have secrets in my photos... :) My camera is just in auto mode...hahaha I think G11 has secrets, it would never tell...XOXO...hahaha