Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Babi Ketjap: Sweet Soy Pork...feels like home

You might be wondering what HT couple had during their first few days in Holland.  HT hubby had this great idea so HT wife won't be homesick...

He asian dish for her...using what's available in the supermarket.

Most of you might be aware of kecap (Ketjap in NL).  This is one of the indonesian seasoning that the Dutch inherit when they colonized Indonesia (just a little bit of history), and the dutchies has embraced Indonesian food culture in their cooking.

There are different types of Ketjap available in the market...depending on the consistency or mixes we want.

Boemboe (bumbu) for Babi Ketjap
Spices in sweet soy sauce....i can't wait to eat...since I only had bread and soup for lunch (what I dread in Holland as there are no hot meals for lunch). 

 I didn't know cooking would be this easy! (especially if I am just waiting for the chef to serve the dinner hihi) 

HT hubby's first cooking in NL for his newly migrant wife.  Asian pork dish and wok-fried veggies on top of rice...what more can I ask for?

The verdict: the bumbu kecap was very tasty.  It's thick consistency gave pork its full flavor.  It went well with rice too.  The wok-fried veggies were sauteed in olive oil without overcooking, still giving each veggies its individual taste and crunch.  Rice was just ok, enough to satisfy my grain craving.  Though i miss the jasmine rice that we used in Singapore.

HT hubby's first strategy is to make my tummy feel at home...and the rest would, huh?


  1. i was surprised to find myself kind of missing having rice for dinner in england. hope you're adapting well (:

  2. NO's normal that we miss rice... :) Except for Harris, i long as he can have pizza...haha

    Adapting slowly...but just enjoying every minute of it...hope you're doing ok as well in UK :)

  3. I can seriously lick the screen! It looks really yummy! :D

  4. it is indeed was worth moving here...*cheezy*

    Hi Bella V, same here, i can't forget the taste :)

  5. Hi HT hubbie, I wonder who that Dutch Chef is...he must be a very good one *wink*

  6. Nice one Dutch chef! this looks like an excellent meal! keep up the good work! Happy cooking (^^,)

  7. That's what his doing right again for hungry wifey. :)