Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wrapping up my SG Food Adventure

This is my last and significant post of my love for food in Singapore.  I'm wrapping it up with a very sweet treat to describe my almost 5 years of being a resident in SG.

I was ok with the comfort that Mom and Dad gave me when I was living in the Philippines.  But somehow, I felt I have limited space, enclosed to a life that I am so used to.

Finally, i've decided to come out of my comfort.  Get out there and look for what's in store for me.  Luckily, Singapore lifted me up and pour me out of my zone and I felt free!  It brought out the best in me...Sweet yet strong to face the joys and challenges.

I had abundant opportunities, I gained a lot of friends, I had strengthened my friendship with my old friends, I had a lot of experiences...life was chocolate-ful!

My life in Singapore was pretty light.  The convenience and easy living made me love this country. 
In SG, I found my partner in life, just like a cookie to a cup of coffee...always good together.

I had my dark moments, but there were people who didn't leave me alone, who had trusted me and stood by me.  It might have been bittersweet but all's well that ends well.

Up to my last day in Singapore, I can't help but be satisfied with the life it offered me...it got into its end, but the taste of SG life remains...in me.

This maybe my last post in Singapore for NOW, definitely, I would be back for a visit, to reminisce the wonderful life I had...and of course, to grab a plate of hokkien mee...

Watch out for Hungry-Trotting Couple...goes to Holland...Ta ta!

Pictures are items of Laurent's Cafe and Chocolate Bar (in order)
Original Hot Chocolate
Chocolate Truffle Cake
Chocolate Tart
*all items are between (5-8 SGD)
*check out my other Laurent Bernard's post.


  1. i only got to try the truffle cake but the tart was sold out when i got there :(
    which do u prefer? :)

  2. they're equally good to me... :) but do check out their chocolate souffle...i think that's the best (but they only have it at night, when the kitchen is open)