Monday, July 26, 2010

Utrecht, Netherlands: Suriname broodje (sandwich)

Suriname, a country situated at the North of South America, was colonized by the Dutch (Exchanged for New Amsterdam aka New York City USA, plus 1 guilder. Ouch!) until the 1970's.  Yes it was pretty late, until they got their independence from the cloggies :D.  So it's not surprising the Suriname and the Netherlands shared things here and there.  Language is one.  60% of Surinamese speak Dutch (wikipedia).  What i'm interested is how these countries shared their cuisine influences.  I can't speak of dutch food in Suriname as I haven't been there, but I can give a few insights of Suriname dishes in Holland.

My first taste of Suriname dish was made by HT hubbie. 
You're reading it's Roti!  During the long colonization period, the Dutch brought Indian, Indonesian and African laborers to Suriname, thus asian and african cuisine influences was brought there.  This box is another ready made item in the grocery (since most people cook at home). The packet contains the roti's and 2 sachets with spices and herbs mix. Add meat, veggie and potatoes and you're in business. I love the supermarkets here as they have a wide range of easy to prepare meals.

HT hubbie in action!

finished product...ROTI KIP (chicken roti)!  The Roti was not as thin, but hey, i still love it.


Walking around the Saturday market, this stall was attracting a crowd.  (Suriname snacks and rolls)

They offer several items that goes with the bread: Bakkeljauw is  Cod, Varkenvlees is pork, Rundvlees is beef, Kip is chicken, Garnalen is shrimp...these are the Dutch words that I have already memorized by heart. *wink*

Spicy curry, small shrimps(garnalen) with cucumber in bread...simple yet tasty.

With Suriname cuisine all over Holland as a substitude for my Asian cravings, homesickness might be further delayed for a while. I'm keeping my fingers crossed....

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  1. I'll be honest: I got no idea that Suriname even existed.. But it sure looks interesting!

  2. same here...i only came to know of Suriname when I met my husband :) It looks like they're more towards asian food :)

  3. Do you pronounce dutch words the same way as english words?

    and yums, the roti kip looks goood ^^