Monday, July 5, 2010

Chef Daniel's Kitchen: a fun, fun food bloggers' outing

In the midst of packing and throwing away stuff, I spent my last Saturday in Singapore with a group that's very close to my heart.  I've never met them personally until that Saturday, but I know them through their love for food.  Some, I've been following their food blogs for years now secretly but then I have to reveal that I am one of their fans when I started one as well.

In this food bloggers'outing, I was honored to meet up with:

Fen & Yuan
Phoebe & Chloe  - I miss my twin sister everytime I see their pictures enjoying food together.
Daniel & Lay Sian
and Harris

*Click their names to bring you to their wonderful world of food!

How did the meet up start?  Through emails, we exchanged correspondence who can attend and where to dine.  Harris made the meet up simpler by fixing the date to that Saturday.  And, Daniel have suggested to dine at this restaurant, a sky dining in Iluma and with $10.50 nett for a lunch set...voila, we got the place to meet.

Chef Daniel is one of the famous celebrity chef in Singapore.  With an affordable lunch set,  this was worth a try.

I love the minimalist and clean ambiance of the place.  And rooftop dining, always give restaurants its X factor.  Apart from the ambiance, I was surprise with the extensive number of main course items to choose from (about 16, i think).

The menu comes with soup of the day, unlimited bread and a drink (iced tea is additional $2).

The biggest problem was...what to order for main course....guess what I got?

Tonkatsu Don (4/5) - i've been stuffing myself with asian food before i move to far far away land, so it was not a surprise that I decided to get this japanese bowl.  There were a couple of things that made this dish unique.  First, was the egg, it was served, into 2 kinds...half cooked and well done.  I kinda love it, as the egg was not too dry nor too slimy when mixed with the rice.  The breading was like marinated in a very light tomato sauce giving the tonkatsu it's sweet and tangy taste which I find very nice.  And there were no traces of fats (or maybe I didn't notice, that's how good it was!).  I like this better than the tonkatsu I had in Tampopo.  Thanks to Daniel for his recommendation!  Thumbs up!

What others had (watch out for their reviews!) -> check out my daily dose often!

Grilled Beef Burger

Prawn and Crabmeat Burger

Pork Netsuke (pork belly)

Unagi(eel) Cooked in Katsu Sauce

Fish & Chips

Lamb Stewed Navarin

Everyone ended the decent meal with the dessert for the day...

Raspberry Mousse (3.5/5) - lightly sweet, to satisfy the after meal craving for something sugary.

I had so much fun, especially, when the food arrived.  Harris started going around the table and everyone followed.

I'm sure we might have gotten weird looks from the others, but hey, this is our passion, this is what we love to do...before we finally dig in to our food...Thanks everyone for making this food bloggers' outing in Singapore a memorable one!

Price :
Lunch Set Menu $10.50
inclusive of SVC charge and GST

Chef Daniel's Kitchen
201 Victoria Street
Iluma, Bugis


  1. You are welcome! Glad that you enjoyed it! =)

  2. (: i had alot of fun too! pity we didnt get to meet earlier~~

  3. yeah :) But i'll make sure that we meet up again when I drop by in Singapore and likewise, if you drop by in Holland (again).