Friday, July 16, 2010

How important bleu cheese is in HT couple's dinner

"Mom!  What are you eating with your burger?  It's rotten!  Yikes!  And it smells so bad"  cried out by HT wife (when she was young). 

"It's ok honey, it's just a cheese.  Come near, it won't bite you but you can have a bite" said HT's mom.

I was 9 then, that was my first encounter of blue (bleu) cheese.  And that time, I told myself, I would never eat those.  It's gross, in smell and in taste, I'd stick to my normal cheeses, like cheddar and mozzarella.

About two decades later, I'm now a certified blue cheese lover.  Thanks to HT hubbie for his culinary persuasion skills I have acquired a taste for it. 

Blue cheese is pungent in nature, has a very strong and salty taste.  That's why not everyone makes this cheese as their kitchen's best friend.

There are several types of blue cheese in the market.  Most common are the roquefort and gorgonzola.  We love gorgonzola in pizza and roquefort for other dishes.  If you ask me why?  I can't answer you as well.  I would say I might be able to determine the difference in the sharpness between the cheeses but I wouldn't know which is which.  What i'm sure of, it always makes my dinner a hit having this dairy with it.

Danish Blue and Stilton are among others that's  always available.

What made blue cheese stand out against the rest, are the blue streaks scattered around it.  As per Wiki, blue cheese contains penicillium cultures which is the main source of the veins.  And penicillium is a good fungi typically used in food and drugs as it produces penicillin, which is used as an antibiotic.  So can we substitute antibiotics provided by our physician with this over the counter, no-prescription needed cheese with penicillin?  We can think twice about that *smile*.

How this cheese plays an important part of HT's dinner?

2 weeks in NL, we've used this as a key ingredient of our meals.

Tired of your usual carbonara?  Add melted blue cheese to give your creamy pasta a punch!

Mix it with walnuts, pine nuts, leeks, parsley, champignons and a good portion of bacon

Voila!  Who needs to go out if you have a star chef at home?

Prime Society is one of the Singapore steakhouse we went to on special occasion...and why? because of their blue cheese sauce!  Since we can't bring our favorite restaurant here, we made sure we don't forget the main ingredient for our own STEAK-HOUSE (steak cooked at home)...

pour more....

Prime Society or Dutch Society? :D

Didn't i tell you that hubby made sure he brought with us what I enjoyed in Singapore so I don't get homesick? :)  (lucky me)

*Blue cheese details from Wikipedia


  1. thanks for the compliments babe. As allways, your pics look so great that im hungry again.

  2. that pasta must have been delicious! i imagine blue cheese must be delicious oozing out of light and flaky pastry as well!

  3. It is, Jer lin...It was yummy! :) Nice to hear you like blue cheese too!

  4. I like the blue cheese avocado sauce from Prime Society too! Haha

    And your pasta and steak could easily pass off as professionals! Mmm.. pine nuts in cream sauce sounds like a tasty idea!

  5. i super duper mad love bleu cheese!!! oh you lucky girl!

  6. i love cheese but have yet to try bleu cheese. I wonder if i can take it! Maybe i should try it soon and then blog abt it :P

  7. Hi Daniel, high five! I guess we almost have the same taste buds...:) What is good for you is always good for me.

    Hey Phoebe, Nice to know the fellow foodies love bleu cheese. Indeed, I'm very lucky...

    Hi Charlene, I recommend you to try Sonoma Salad of Tony Roma's they put enough blue cheese crumbles in that salad, a good start to acquire blue cheese taste :) Or for a sudden rush, go grab the blue cheese avocado sauce of Prime Society :)

  8. Alrighty thanks for ur recommendation! :)