Saturday, July 31, 2010

Easiest meal to prepare: Tacos

On lazy days and a good excuse to eat chips for dinner...shout out loud: MAKE SOME TACOS!

Sauteed minced beef in taco mix

Lettuce strips for something healthy

tomatoes for some lycopene and color

taco shells

with zesty sauce (salsa)

and nice tasty cheese


an overflowing taco for Hungry Trotter like me...

And it's one of my first culinary experiences. If you call that cooking...whew!


  1. haha are you learning how to cook? :P

  2. Yes Jer Lin, no choice, i have to :D haha

  3. Ahhh so these are the hard tacos right? :)Did you make them on your own too?

  4. this looks pretty easy to make! haha.
    I'm sure it is delicious enough to make me drool. :)

  5. Wow your tacos look like what we have in restaurants

  6. Hi Charlene, yes for chips monster like me, i go for the hard ones. And i bought this pre-packed, just need to put in the oven to make it crisp. hahaha i'm a cheater.

    Hi Bella V, yes it was easy and 500 grams of meat and 3 taco shells each for me and was too much.

    Hi PY, Thanks i'll build my own restaurants, though i should be able to make a good margarita, huh? :)