Tuesday, August 3, 2010

TIME OUT: Toko: making my life easy

What is TOKO?

Toko are mini-marts available all over the Netherlands, selling Asian, Turkish, Moroccans, technically, imported goods. 

I was like a happy kid roaming around a toy store.

First thing i looked up, was the shrimp paste.  Which is a Filipino staple and goes well with anything. This is my way to check out their credibility (not bad at all).

Filipino pre-mix packets!  For my Filipino dish craving, these gold packets are pretty handy.  Twice as expensive as in the Philippines but I ignored that idea as they made sure Dutch can use it too (with Dutch translation).  (but it's in my list to bring back to NL from the Philippines for sure)

Century eggs, Tang Hun, Agar Agar are present in the shop too

Yeo's Soy bean drinks, Ma ling (luncheon meat), all types of Lee Kum Kee paste...i'm bringing a big backpack the next visit.

Just a few cycling away, its worth every energy put on the pedals.

*The biggest in Utrecht that I've been is the Toko Centraal.


  1. Wow there's even Ma Ling in NL!

    I love bagoong! Making pinakbet? That's my favorite. (:

  2. Hi Ice! Yes, I remember you love pinakbet!

  3. congrats to you on your find. haha i love going to the supermarket, even more than shopping!

  4. YEs Jer lin, same here i just love going around in supermarkets :)

  5. I was the same when I first found my asian shop in Perth! Spent ages inside the shop! ha ha ha and spent way too much money!!!

  6. Hi Steph, it brought out the child in us :D

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  8. Toko = Indonesian word for store or shop, though they tend to be run by Chinese-Indonesian families. Indonesia is probably the dominant Asian influence in NL by far, for obvious reasons.
    2 years too late, but you had the best looking toko centraal pic on google image search :)

    1. Thanks for dropping by. :) It's never too late! :)