Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pancakes for dinner

HT couple goes to the grocery twice a week.  We think about what to cook for the next 3 or 4 days and hubby and I take turns in cooking.  I would always look up in the internet on what Asian dishes to cook and hubby would just think of cooking experiments in his mind, and voila! 

This time, he made pannekoeken (pancakes).  Not the ordinary pancakes that I grew up with, ok that is typically thick plain pancakes with maple syrup.  This is more tedious but worth the effort.  Join me in making pancakes a'la hubbie.

Ingredients started from pancake mix and eggs beaten together.

Fry the bacon in its own fats until crunchy (this pic was kinda overdone).  We believe in the saying that anything with bacon, always taste nice.  Our friends, Maj and Eric would second the motion.

throw all the ingredient in the pancake mix, bell peppers, mushrooms & fried bacon bits, thin sliced leeks and whatever sounds like a good idea..

pour it in the hot pan with a bit of olive oil and cook until bottom side is browning and the pancake is solid throughout

shower some more bell peppers and lots and lots of cheese (second to the bacon, anything with cheese is always good!)

O-pa! Fold it and heat up a bit, done!  Low fire is necessary so it won't burn the pancakes.

The finished product!  We eat like monsters in NL if you notice.  (Gaining weight is inevitable)

With crunchy pieces of aromatic bell peppers, tasty bacon and chewy cheese...

A big burp, for the wonderful meal...Thanks to the 100th time HT hubbie!


  1. my allegiance to sweet pancakes has just been challenged. those cheesy pancakes look absolutely scrumptious! (haha i love cheese more than bacon)

  2. Cheese and bacon! Such lethal combination! Must be yums!

  3. My mom used to make savoury pancakes from instant mix with picnic ham and spring onion, when we were getting bored from sweet ones. But yours was simply burstling with ingredients! haha

    No wonder the market sells cheese in such giant blocks eh! =D

  4. Hi Jer lin, indeed! This type of pancakes i can eat 4 pieces in one seating. :)

    Hi PY, haha i like that! It's really a lethal combination!

    Hi Daniel, ooh, no wonder you got your good taste in trained you well. :) Yeah, hubby is always like that, he likes putting all kinds of ingredients and experimenting. :)