Saturday, August 21, 2010

TIME OUT: almost 2 months in NL

Time flies!  I'm almost 2 months here in the Netherlands and I can't imagine I survive this long being far from family and friends.  Thanks to the virtual world making distance shorter as each day passes by.

What is life after almost 2 months?
I'm a better cyclist now, i think.  Before, in a very cold windy day, I would sweat to death cycling for less than 2 kilometers.  Now, i feel much confident and thanks to my supportive HT hubbie who cycles with me everyday and made sure that I'll find my way home.

I've visited 2 countries in just a short period.  I'm not complaining but I haven't spent much weekends in NL and I would love to explore what I now call 'HOME'.

Chef-in-the-making, after feeding HT hubbie with unwashed spinach (with sand, at least it was crunchy), half cooked chicken and adobo with too much blackpepper corns, look what I have made?

Apple-cranberry pork chop.  It's not an original recipe, but it sure tasted good!

I'm starting to embrace my life here in NL, the same way i've embraced Singapore as one of my homes.  I've started looking out for friends (yes, it doesn't come naturally with my lifestyle), and found a few that I need to meet up with.  Instead of putting ads all over the place : WANTED: shopping buddy, coffee mate, co-foodie, blogs have been my savior up to this date.  I've met wonderful food bloggers in Singapore and I'm checking out NL bloggers' scene too.  It's always nice to share common interest like expressing our thoughts, sharing our experiences and overcoming homesickness online.

This one is not a blogger but came to our home once.  She peeked inside and left.  And, the next few days, she's always standing in front of our door.

Here's boefje (rascal), up close...

She started getting cozy with HT couple

And now had the guts to come in

and roam around

on sunny days, she would lie down on our garden to get her daily tummy rub

She's our neighbor's cat who seeks attention when she's alone. 

To sum it up, how was my stay in Europe?   hmm...I would have ups and downs as I miss my family, friends and lifestyle back in Asia, nevertheless, with HT hubbie's support and love, my time in Europe flew by without me noticing it and the excitement I feel towards my 3rd month in this wondeful continent says a lot.


  1. glad to hear that you're adapting well! (: staying with family definitely makes adapting to living in an unfamiliar country easier, doesn't it? haha are there many food bloggers in NL too?

  2. it has been 3 months already?! that's fast.. any plans for a visit to singapore soon? :)

  3. You sound happy and that's good :D

    Stay safe and I look forward to more photos!

  4. So far i haven't really seen food bloggers here but more of expat bloggers. Sharing experiences to their co-expats, their friends and families back home. Thanks Jer Lin! I hope it stays as smooth.

    Hey Charlene! Yes, I'm finishing of my 2 months in a week, yes, time flies...i'm planning to visit SG this March, but i'll be there only for 3 days, hope we can catch up if time permits for everyone. :)

    Hey Oysterdiaries, thanks! I will try to update you guys with my life and the food I eat here. :) Hope to meet you when I'm back in SG :)

  5. wow!!! =D sounds like u're still exploring! that's good =)

    the cat's cute!
    maybe u should consider getting ur own pet =D

    love reading ur blogs ;)

  6. Hi Kim, yes I am. I can't stop exploring or else i get bored and get homesick. Yes, the cat is such a cutie...:) Thanks for following my mishaps and adventure :)

  7. Such a cute kitty!

    There are a few food blogs of either Dutch people or expats from other countries now living here in the Netherlands. They're useful, since you know you can find the ingredients here.

  8. HI Alison, Thanks for the tip. I'll check them out! I need new recipes!

    Hey Glenn! If only I can have the cat...I would.. :) She's so sweet.

  9. hey! that's a lovely fat cat! :)

  10. Don't worry, you'll see tommy soon! :)