Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Utrecht, Netherlands: El Greco: φανταστικός Gyros (fantastic gyros)

I just used babelfish to translate "fantastic" to I'm not even sure if it's right but something new as a title and suits this post, isn't it?

HT couple started exploring Utrecht, Netherlands eating scene.  Nowadays, with a nice sunny weather, everyone loves sitting outside, hanging out at Oudegracht (a canal which is my landmark whenever I go to town so I don't get lost), having a drink and looking out on cyclers, pedestrians, dogs, cats...bridal showers (we've seen 6 just for 1 Saturday!) in town.

If you can't beat them, join we got our spots, ordered our drinks and started looking out for something exciting.  We were sitted in a place where I can see the top of Dom Kerk (The Dome church).  So if you see this main attraction, then you're definitely in Utrecht!

Anyways, before we went for drinks we stopped by in this famous Greek place that is popular with students as it is considered cheap and value for money.  HT hubbie was a regular here during his younger years.

It is a take away, take out, pack it, to go place for Gyros.  They have two tables set up outside their shop and some seats inside as well for the convenience of their customers.  (Across this shop is a square where you can sit and eat your sandwich hot!)

What is gyros?  Gyros is more known as a greek sandwich consisting of slow roasted meat, tzaziki and onions.  It's not a meal during your diet days, as lean meat is never a consideration.  The more fats are present during cooking, the better the gyros meat would be. It is typically roasted on a vertical rotating stack oven, you slice of the well done outside and a new layer gets roasted crispy.

Usually served with pita bread...this is the huge sandwich El Greco offers to the people of Utrecht... (being in NL, you can get it as a dish with fries too!)
The slices of meat were very tasty and marinated well with herbs & spices and the tzatziki sauce always enhance the taste of meditteranean cuisine so it's definitely a must in this sandwich.  I was surprised with the big serving and generous amount of meat.

The owners were nice and i know they were shocked when we started taking pictures.  Nevertheless, we got warm smile from them.

Not bad for a first food trip in my current hometown.  :) 'Till then!

Price Summary in Euros:
Gyros (standard): €5.-
Gyros (with extra meat) : €6.25

Snackbar El Greco
Ganzenmarkt 28
3512 GE Utrecht, Nederland


  1. Oh yes fatty gyro in europe is one thing I definitely miss...sigh

  2. Oil running down to your chin...oh, gyros!

  3. Fatty gyro and oil running down ur chin?! oh my.
    Makes me think of kong ba pau!

  4. hahaha yes I can just imagine kong ba pau when eating gyros...not a bad idea!