Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dutch 101: What to serve in BBQ parties

BBQ  is always a hit in the party scene.  Not only in the relaxed home of most Aussies, or  the bbq pits in Singapore parks or "inihaw" (grilled ) dishes on Filipino tables, BBQ seemed to be popular in the European scene on a beautiful sunny day.

Weeks ago, we visited our friends HP and Mir in Denmark.  Being one of the priveleged to stay in the castle in Sollerod, their big garden is a perfect spot for a BBQ party!  I always admire HT hubbie's friends, despite of being kilometers apart, they made sure they would have this kind of gathering if time permits.  Flying or driving is not an effort to meet up but the beginning of a fun, fun reunion.

Another thing to admire among the Dutch, is almost everyone is soo good in the kitchen.  Early this year, we visited our Dutch friends in Australia...and check out (again) their passion for cooking...

This time, on a sunny day in Denmark, HP and Mir prepared easy to make but exquisite items for a KICK-ASS BBQ PARTY!  Read on to get some tips...

While the BBQ items are still being prepared, you can't keep your guests go a bag of potato chips and don't forget these dips which suit individual preferences...basil pesto, sundried tomatoes and sour cream dips.

Mir made this generous serving of wonderful Couscous Salad placed in the middle of the table so people can help themselves in between eating BBQ items.  I got the recipe from her which i was allowed to share :) (thanks Mir)  Mir's natural talent in cooking showed off in this salad as she just mixed in this bowl what's available in her fridge and in her garden. 

Cherry tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, basil, feta cheese, chorizo sausage bit, pistachios were added to the couscous, with a dressing of olive oil (extra virgin!!) ,honey, garlic,pepper, salt and lemon juice...voila!  It's the best I ever had!

We were not able to finish the big serving, but we had it the following day with a different twist...she mixed it with avocados and still tasted great!

These BBQ-ued prawns were marinated in lemon juice, garlic, coriander and lots and lots of herbs!  I helped out Mir to put them in kebab sticks and I can already smell the aroma (no trace of fishy smell at all).  Can i say more after they were cooked?

Chicken Kebabs were a bit burnt but still delicious with a hint of curry!

Instead of grilling mushrooms alone, why not wrap it up with a good portion of Goat Cheese and a squeeze of honey on top?

Do you want to maintain the Salmon's taste but still giving your own personal touch?  Smothered with pepper, add dill, cherry tomatoes and a slice of lemon...wrap it in a foil and hop it goes to the barbie!

BBQ food doesn't need to look rough always.  I would say with mixes of herbs and spices, it's like fine dining cuisine without fuzz.

With stories, laughters and good food...we wrapped up the night around a bonfire sipping our Sambuca (for the ladies) and whisky (for the guys).


  1. wow i've always wanted to stay in a castle! i love couscous too (: perhaps if you're inviting your friends over to your place, you could try whipping up some satay for them!

  2. Yeah that's a good idea. Satay is quite famous here in NL as one of the things they inherited from the Indonesian cuisine. You can even get it in the grocery! Amazing huh?

  3. The castle looks lovely! I love the garden & the little cottage in your 2nd picture. So cozy!

  4. "to stay in the castle"!! Wow, that sounds too good to be true! haha

    Food's looking good! And I'm sure you had a perfect weather too. The two things that deter me from hosting bbq in Singapore is the heat and humidity. Feels irritated just by starting the fire already. ahaha

  5. Can I say I totally envy your lifestyle right now? haha

  6. Envious envious. I love BBQ but is way too hot to host one at home! Sigh.

  7. All the food looks temptingly delicious. It's my first time to see barbequed prawns. Are prawns cheap in Netherlands?

  8. Hi Ice, Dutch has this word 'gezellig' which the nearest translation is cozy or warm ambiance but for them there's no direct translation. IF i walk around NL, that 'gezellig'-ness is reflected in their home.

    Hey Daniel, yeah, i was so excited as well, the Lord has passed away, and his wife has decided to have the staff houses in the castle rented out instead of hiring workers to maintain the place and provided a low rent. They just need to help on chores as the castle has a forest, garden. And we were lucky the weather was good, usually it rains, once the sun shines, and with the long daylight, lots of people prefer to have dinner outside. I understand the humidity in SG, that's the only thing that I don't miss :)

    Hi Bella V, haha's once in a while but my life is a corporate slave during daytime and a caring wife during night time oops and weekends... haha

    Hey PY...yes, i remembered a few BBQ parties in SG, we have to take turns in grilling so everyone has their fair share of sweat. :)

    Hey Nerisa, Manila's prawns are still cheaper and bigger! :)

  9. the prawns and kebabs make me HUNGRY!

  10. i just had teriyaki salmon for dinner!
    Anyway the house sure looked pretty! :)

  11. If you're given a choice Harris...prawns/kebabs or a burger, what would you choose?

    Hey Charlene, I need to make that one time, I'm missing teriyaki sauce! :) Love your shots with your new camera, by the way :)