Monday, August 30, 2010

Le Bon Bassin: Maastricht, Netherlands

Maastricht is the provincial capital of Limburg, the southern-most province of the Netherlands bordering Germany and Belgium. -wikipedia- They have their own dialect, Limburgs - for now, I'm sticking to just learning Dutch, even though HT hubbie's family are all from the said place.  (just too much to learn for somebody getting older like me).

Maastricht town...epitomizing a typical Dutch weekend...people having drinks outside, lady cycling with one hand...

I've visited Maastricht several times to hang out with my family-in-law. The last visit before this was my post about the exquisite Vlaai (or tarts) (Dutch Pastries 101).  And with birthday celebration, this shouldn't be miss out.

I had another one...:) looks good, isn't it? (It tasted good too!)

  This time, mam (HT hubbie's mother), celebrated her birthday in one of her favorite restaurants.  This was my 2nd time to dine there (1st time was in 2007 when I was still being introduced  as "girlfriend" of HT hubbie, and fast forwarding 3 years after, we're stuck to each other...happily). 

I can't blame mom for loving this place.  Situated beside a port (nice yachts), outdoor seating...serene's Gezellig!

We were given free appetizers ("amuse"), smoked mackerel with creamy sauce while having drinks...if free starters are way too good, they're really asking for high expectations!

And, we didn't fail them, in return, they didn't fail us...
For "voorgerechten" (starters), I ordered Grilled Tuna, Niçoise-style SaladI was surprised when it was placed in front of me.  A big, thick slab of grilled tuna fillet stood out on the plate.  I wonder where my greens were...haha.  The light, fresh, salad went well with my fish.  I would prefer my tuna  less grilled despite the warm center, (I was spoiled by Da Paulo) nevertheless, the fish was fresh, tasty and really made me look forward for my main course.

For Hoofdgerechten (main course), I had Roasted Brill in Lemon Oyster SauceI noticed this restaurant specializes in flat fishes (I had sole last 2007).  The brill was so tender and lovely to eat adding the well balanced tangy and creamy taste of the sauce.  I don't usually care about side dishes, but the mashed potato was just like babies' food in consistency which I prefer :D hihi  (How do you prefer yours?)

White and Dark Chocolate Mousse with Vanilla Ice Cream - this was heavenly!  HT hubbie and I shared one as my tummy said I can't finish my own dessert.  But with these rich, smooth and lip-smacking mousse, guess, who had more share? *bliss*  (We ladies need more chocolates to balance it off with our hormones, do you agree, gentlemen?)

All of us enjoyed our dinner and each other's company.  And mom was happy as after 4 years, her only son was able to celebrate her birthday with her....+ 1...her only daughter-in-law. :D

P.S. HT hubbie's family were so cool, that even before we dig in to our plates, they even ask "L, where's your camera?  Aren't you suppose to take pictures?"  *smile*

Le Bon Bassin
Capucijnenstraat 91
6211 RP Maastricht, Nederland


  1. It's so lovely to dine by the yachts! Wish we have more of such nice places in Singapore, the only one here is Prive.

    I'm dying for the white & dark chocolate mousse and the Vlaai!

  2. Hi Ice, yes, it was a lovely location. I always prepare my tummy when we go to Maastricht because of the Vlaai and the mousse was really to die for!

  3. Vlaai looks like a frangipane tart! And yums, love eating fresh fish overseas (:

    I totally agree we girls need lots and lots of chocolate

  4. i love your picture of the vlaai! your hubby's family's really accomodating to let you photograph the food (:

  5. Hi Oysterdiaries! The Vlaai never fails me! Chocolates are really girls' best friend after diamonds or maybe in exchange of diamonds (I would :D)

    Hi Jer Lin, The Vlaai always taste good and it reflects in the picture (what you see is what you get) :) I'm so lucky to have a very supportive Dutch family :)