Monday, August 23, 2010

Sweet Life with a cup of Tiramisu (HT style)

In my previous post, I mentioned about being chef-in-the-making...(yes, I enjoy cooking now!)  Aside from food blogs, I am now an avid fan of cooking sites.

I have made lots of savoury dishes for HT hubbie, who's very encouraging, never complains but gives constructive criticism  and considers me as his kitchen princess.  Doesn't he deserve a nice treat from HT wife?

Thinking of that special treat...I immediately look online on how to make his favorite dessert.  And i was so lucky to stumble this easy-to-prepare and egg-less tiramisu recipe. (check out the link).  Attached with this link is a 2-min preparation of this famous dessert by no other than Gordon Ramsay himself.

Ok, his 2-min preparation time was 30 mins for HT hubbie's kitchen princess.  Tiramisu, meaning "pick-me-up" has everything a good life has to offer.

1.) From the high fat yummy mascarpone (ok, there are some who advertise it as low fat but not sure how low it can be)
2.) To hubby's favorite whipped cream (slagroom) - accdg. to Gordon, use a single cream (What is it in Dutch?  I asked the wrong person, as hubby immediately jumped with joy and took whipped cream like a kid)
3.) the sweetness of icing sugar
4.) the kick of brandy (you can use marsala wine or rum or experiment with other alcohol -> I don't think beer or vodka works, but who knows?)
5.) the sweet scent of vanilla extract 
6.) the lightness of the ladyfingers
7.) up to the perk-you-up coffee/espresso (make it as strong as possible)

What else can you complain about life?  I would say, make a tiramisu during your gloomy days and sure you'll appreciate life in a brighter perspective.  *wink*'s my creation:

Ta-dah!  I didn't took a video of me making it as you might get discourage with the muscles i've contracted to whip the mascarpone :D  And that was my arms exercise for the day.

Sprinkled with shredded dark chocolate and cocoa powder (i spilled a bit) and accented by 4 ladyfingers

I'm sure I've made HT hubbie...his day!

Try making this yourself and give your own twist! I'm sure Italians wouldn't mind :)  Ciao for now!


  1. LORRAINEEEEEEEEEEEEE. THAT LOOKS HEAVENLY!!! very well taken picture too :)

  2. OMG I agree! I love love love both ur photos! Lucky HT Hubby!

  3. HARRRIIISSSS! Thanks :) It was such a fulfillment. It tasted pretty good too! I guess, being ecstatic helps me to take good pictures.

    Hey Charlene! Thanks! He is indeed lucky haha (but I'm very lucky too :D)

  4. i like using the recipe with egg whites :D

  5. I'll try it next time, i just found out the single cream by Gordon Ramsay was supposed to be the Italian cream which has eggs as one of the ingredients :)

  6. I'm the luckiest guy in the world. My superbabe is a real Chef too!
    mwah, thanks babe. ...burp...

  7. hey HT hubbie, ditto! You are lucky! wink!

  8. I love your first pic!! The koala looks hungry lol. Haha and you and your HT hubbie are such a sweet couple =)