Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Brugge, Belgium: Brugge's fine food (Belgium)

August 1, 2010 was our 1st anniversary as husband and wife.  We celebrated once in Singapore 2 months earlier, as we wanted to have fun in the place where our love and relationship flourished and grew.

As much as we love food, both of us love diving and travelling.  We skip diving for now and reserve it when we're back in Asia and decided to travel in an old city which we usually enjoy.  With hubby's driving and direction skills, we've reached Brugge one Saturday afternoon.

Brugge is famous for its old landmarks i.e. the square, churches and towers.  It's always nice to walk around in a place bringing us to the old times and preserving history.

But walking around will only be fun if there are nibbles and eating in between...agree?   Below are my foodie survival tips in Brugge...

Foodie Survival Tip # 1:  Enter a tea room with colorful window or a recommended place from the world wide web...whichever works for you.

Order their best drink...a hot chocolate, and you get a cup of milk and chocolate syrup on top

Make your own cup of hot chocolate

Ta-dah!  Enjoy the cup with all types of chocolates (dark, milk, white) and whipped cream. (hot chocolate was good, but don't expect anything special other than the presentation.)

Order more even if you think you're already having sugar rush.  (this black forest cake was a bit of a disappointment though)

Foodie Survival Tip # 2: If you passed by a window like this...stop for a while.

take a closer look...

enter the place and order a freshly cooked pasta even if you're don't want to screw up your holiday not having a share of  pasta of this humble eatery, Pasta Maria (locals favorite).  Usually, the pasta comes in a pasta cornetto (just like chinese take away boxes).  Hubby and I shared a portion for only 4 euro.  Not bad, for a decent meal, huh?

Foodie Survival Tip # 3: Walking around makes us thirsty...better look for this small alley in Breidelstraat..and you can't go wrong once you enter.

De Garre, crowded with tourists and just have to find a place to seat whether you have a table or not...

Drink as much cherry beers (krier beer) as you can..

and for strong beer lovers, Triple Van De Garre shouldn't be missed... (3 euro for any beer glass) Quite unique is the sign that warns you are only served a maximum of 3 of their stronger beers, to make sure it stays enjoyable and noone leaves drunk.

Foodie Survival Tip # 4: For dinner, look for a restaurant that serves authentic Flemish dishes.  Avoid the major square and tourist traps.  Instead, walk in a quiet street like this, and sure there would be a hidden find.

You get complimentary fresh bread in their branded paper bag...

For main course, get a typical Flemish dish, Stoofvlees (beef stew) simmered for hours in beer! I have blogged about stoofvlees in Dutch Snacks 101, but that one is certified no alcohol.  Together with apple mousse, you sure can't go wrong with your order.

up close with the beef (took this for Harris hehe)

best enjoyed with eat-all-you-can frites

 It's disrespectful not to have mussels in this country.  (mussels in beer*again*)

Top up with more beers, as the belgians drink it like water.

Foodie Survival Tip # 5: Be a tourist.  Order nice waffles in a tourist place before you leave the country.

Foodie Survival Tip # 6: Don't leave the country without buying good, rich decent chocolates.

how can you resist big chunks of chocolates in all sorts of colors?

With these bonbons, the drive or flight back home wouldn't be as boring as it used to be.

Tea Room and Restaurants with prices (in €):
De Proeverie = 15 € (for a cup of cappucino, hot chocolate and cake)
Pasta Maria = 4 € for 500 grams of lasagna
De Garre = 3 € per glass
De Vlaamsche Pot = 53 € (2 glasses of beers, Mussels with frites, Stoofvlees with frites)
Cherry Waffles = about 9 €
The chocolate line bonbon = about 5 € per 100 grams

Location: Brugge, Belgium


  1. You make me crave for beef stew every now and then! haha! I love your shots of the chocolates. It's really beautiful :)

  2. i remember daniel mentioning beef beer stew in his post about the belgian pavillion at the world expo! haha did the food cooked in beer taste of the stuff?

    and oh gosh i love belgian waffles! nice pics of the waffle and the chocolates :P

  3. Hi Bella V, Thanks for the compliment! :) Love that shot too, I took it while we're driving back home to Holland. So it's the real scenery! Haha I gain 1 kg and I think I sould blame the beef stew.

    This stew was rich, and you can still slightly taste the beer but it's more on the sweet side than bitter. The waffle was a bit of a ripped off, but once in a while I need to play as tourist :D So far, this one is not disappointing. :)