Monday, September 6, 2010

Dutch 101: What's for lunch?

Have you ever wondered why most Dutch still stay lean despite of their hereditary features having big bones and more body storage?

The cycling could be a reason...maybe in a colder climate you burn more calories....

But there's one more that I think contributes to their well-balanced weight and that is...

Most of them eat hot meals only once a day (during dinner).

And what's for lunch?

ta-dah!  slices of bread, a bowl of soup (dutch are soup-a-holics!), a few good slices of dried sausage (HT hubbie loves them very much!) and of course, koffie! (Dutch drinks an average of 4-5 cups a day)
 You can envisioned their food lifestyle based on what's available in the consumer supermarket.

Numerous variety of soup packets... 

And all types of dried name it, they have it...(half the price compared to SG.  This is one of the things that HT hubbie missed when we lived in Singapore)
 This is our usual lunch meal, sometimes with slices of cheese or yogurt.  In the office, people would eat 3-4 pieces of bread, sometimes with butter and a big carton of milk!

I've seen a 5-year old kid getting 3 litres of milk in the fridge for his 1-week supply of calcium. (amazing!) HT-Hubbie used to drink a liter of milk a day as a teenager.
(no wonder the Dutch are tall!)

With this eating habit, everyone looks forward to dinner (I do!).

Stay tune...we went to France(nope not in Paris) and visited our French friends.  Join us in our wonderful experience living with them and like them.  Au revoir for now!


  1. Haha i grew up on full cream milk since young and then low fat milk after my secondary school days, until now. In fact i just had strawberry milk! :P I should have drank more when i was a little kid!

  2. HI Charlene! You like milk so much! :) They would love you here