Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Utrecht, Netherlands: La Cubanita: Tapas

Hubby, being away from his home country for almost 4 years, was as ignorant as I am when we moved here a few months ago.  We spent a few days just walking around, familiarizing ourselves where to shop especially where to dine.  Suddenly, we stumbled into this tapas place which was pretty busy on weekends.  We decided to be part of that crowd one night.

We were lucky to secure a table by the window despite of not making reservations.  What caught our eyes were the free vandalism in every corner.  Check it out...

every year they re-paint the walls to write on...

even flower pot was not an exception

love the laid back way of ordering tapas...

hot tapas


Tapa Fria

We were very hungry that night as we prepared ourselves for this eat out.  Among the items we ordered, we like the albondigas y tomato, queso de cabra con miel and pan con aioli y tapenade.  We were a bit disappointed with the servings which were quite small and the tapas were just ok.   Nevertheless, it helped to ease our hunger and it's like bringing back our dining out escapades that were used to in Singapore.  We still consider it a great night of food, stories and laughters as HT couple.

Before we bid goodbye, we just can't help but...

exercise our freedom...

Adios amigos!

Price Summary (in euros)
per serving : 4€ - 8€ (50 tapas to choose from)

La Cubanita i Tapas y Mas
Oudkerkhof 44, Utrecht


  1. This place looks exciting! Totally my kind of restaurant :)

  2. That looks like fun! How cool that you get to add your own personal mark, as well. I'll have to keep this place in mind.

  3. Hello PY! Love the we have something like this in Singapore?

    Hey Tootall! thanks for droppin' by! I just checked out your blog and you're exploring SG food scene too! keep it up!

    Hey Alison, Yes, OranjeFlamingo should have a mark here :) Check it out! Ping me as well if you want to hang out with somebody while signing their walls :0

  4. I forgot to mention, 17,50 euro for eat-all-you-can tapas from Maandag - Donderdag :)

  5. "Hungrytrotters was hier!" - I like that! ;)
    You look so happy!

  6. Hi Charlene! :D :D :D you too, btw :)

  7. and you've missed the best. on monday till thursday it's all you can eat for € 17,50

  8. @anonymous -> yeah too time during the weekdays :)