Monday, September 27, 2010

Broadway: where I spent my first

Our first time to go to school, our first time to fall in love, our first kiss, our first trip abroad...nothing beats the first.

I was blessed as I received my first hard earned euros!  And what's the best way to spend it?

HT hubbie and I didn't had difficulty in deciding how to spend my first.  We both agreed that we would go Broadway!

No...we didn't go to New York City (that's too much) nor we didn't go to a theatrical performance in London, but the ambiance kinda brought us to the theatre.
numerous spotlights, the waiting area was decorated like a stage theatre

All we want was to be carnivorous that day.  I've read about Broadway American Steakhouse in wikitravel and I made sure that this would be one of my first stops here.  And, to date, I've been here twice, once with hubby's sister and bro-in-law and now with HT hubbie himself.

We didn't make any reservation and as expected, they cannot give us a table until 21:30.  Since we conditioned ourselves to have dinner here, so HT hubbie used his convincing power and luckily, they allowed us to dine with a limited time...a little bit over an hour.  And we didn't let the opportunity passed by.

as a consequence, we have to share the table with a VIP (very important pet)

We knew we would indulge ourselves with their best seller so we didn't need more than 10 minutes to browse the menu. 

Ta dah!

Spicy Ribs (600+ grams) - wikitravel didn't fail us.  The ribs were tasty with a hint of spiciness.  The meat that we pull from the rib bones were very tender and not dry.  Look how the ribs were nicely glazed with bbq sauce that we can't help but lick the bones and our fingers...yum.  The serving is pretty big and good for sharing.  HT hubbie gave two thumbs up to this ribs plate and consider this as best ribs he had so far. 

Frenched racks - There were 6 pcs of lamb.  We ordered this just to have something different even though we were tempted to stuff ourselves with baby ribs.  Unfortunately, this was a bit disappointing.  The meat was overcooked making it dry.  And it could used more salt to make it not bland.

The time pressure made us eat fast and wiped off the plates in less than an hour.   (if we keep on doin' this, we might change our names to MIGHTY EATERS instead of HUNGRYTROTTERS). :D

WIth its guaranteed delicious ribs, laid back ambiance and affordable meals, this place is definitely worth re-visiting...with reservation, of course.

This place can never be missed just look down when you're passin' by Oudegracht (canal) below HEMA.

I love first's.  How about you?  What is your most unforgettable first?

Price Summary in Euros
Spicy Ribs : 15.50
Frenched Racks: 18.75

Broadway American Steak house
Oudegracht 139, Utrecht


  1. my first macaron!

    It was a huge chocolate one bought in a petrol kiosk while i was on a school trip in france :D

  2. I love Broadway! I'm a huge fan of BBQ ribs and we used to make them all the time in the US. Broadway's ribs aren't as good as our homemade ones, but they're excellent otherwise! It was such a nice surprise to realize how well they were cooked. They also have excellent cole slaw. I've gone there with groups of friends a few times and always enjoyed it.

  3. Hi Rachel, cool! You got it in a petrol kiosk, but you still can't forget about it. Hope you were able to take picture of it. :0

    Hi Alison, I haven't tried their coleslaw, maybe next time :) I love the ribs too, but I still prefer Tony Roma's but hubby prefers this.

  4. one of my most memorable firsts would be my trip to the UK this year! haha i usually eat rather quickly, finishing my dinner in five to ten minutes in a norm for me.

  5. My first trip to Taiwan, with glorious street snacks, pretty Taiwanese girls (oops) and fantastic company. Making a return trip in January!

    And looking at the pork ribs make me crave for Cafe Cartel's ones right now! Though I'm quite sure it will taste nowhere close. lolx

  6. Hello Jer Lin, yeah, i'm sure you still have a hang over of your trip until now :) Haha you eat fast, I remember in Royal China, you eat faster than me :) hahaha

    Hi Daniel, haha i've been convincing HT hubbie to go to Taiwan since now I don't need to get a visa to enter the country :) That's a good idea, when i go for vacation in the PHilippines since flight is about an hour only. That's my twin sister's favorite place to unwind...just keep on eating smelly tofu :) And i heard about the ladies too :) I should buy HT hubbie those horse eye covers so he just look straight :) haha Cafe Cartel's ribs are not bad, and affordable too! :) Go to Suntec Tony Roma's I think they have 40% off :)

  7. Congrats on getting your first pay in euros! I think it was very well spent :D Haha i thought i saw red wine? Indulgence indeed! :P

  8. Thanks Charlene...haha here water is more expensive than wine and booze :) haha no free water :(