Monday, October 4, 2010

TIME OUT: "BER" months here and there

We Filipinos love when the "BER" months hit the year. "BER" months are SeptemBER, OctoBER, NovemBER and DecemBER.

In the Philippines, christmas carols will be played in the radio as early as September.  Department stores would start selling christmas trees so every family can put up their own as early as they can.  When i was a kid, the streets would be burning with christmas lights 3 months before the actual holiday (but i think nowadays, the lights are put up quite late due to the  cost cutting of electricity).  You can really smell that the holiday season is in the air.

Another thing that we are enthusiastic in a "BER" month is the Octoberfest.  We love celebrating this together with the Germans (not because of their influence in our country), but we (most of us) love drinking beers, so what's a better excuse than a festival like this?

In Singapore, the creative and lovely decorated Christmas log cakes start making a scene in bakeries and pastry shops (most of the time they're too beautiful to be eaten).  Christmas sale would be on and Orchard road is always busier during the "BER" months (not sure if you notice, but i did) :D

How about here in the Netherlands?  The 1st "BER" month has passed by and...
We can't help but switch on the heater!  It's getting colder and colder everyday.  And we knew it's "BER" when pussy spent more time sleeping in front of the heater instead of roaming outdoor. 

This electric blanket was on top of our shopping list.  Nothing beats having a warm, cozy bed for good zzzzzz's ( we don't want freezing our b*tt off)

Foot spa is out of the picture and this pair of pantoffels becomes our feet's best friend.

Speculaas  starts popping out in most supermarkets.  This biscuit is traditionally baked for consumption on St. Nicholas' Eve (Sinterklaas - Dec 5th: wikipedia) which is widely celebrated here in NL.  Though, i heard from a few friends that this can be available throughout the year.  But, we, HT couple, only started having this at home with our cup of coffee when "BER" hit so we have something to look forward to every year. *wink*

Autumn here in NL falls in a "BER" a sign, mushrooms start sprouting everywhere...

And the most important preparation we are doing at the start of the "BER" period?

nothing...just savoring the remaining days of nice weather. 
Happy "BER" everyone!

P.S.  Do you have anything in particular that you do only during "BER" months?  Share it with us! :)


  1. i love speculaas! in october (like now), i study for my exams... can't wait for them to be over!

  2. I like that you still see the sunny side of BER! xx M

  3. Whoa, the speculaas looks like it has a very nice texture! I've never seen or heard of it before. What is it made of? I'm imagining nuts in it haha.

    Happy "Ber" to you too! =)

  4. Time sure flies! Oh my it's OctoBER already! A few more months and we are looking at 2011!

  5. Jer Lin! Good luck! :)

    Hello myfoodsirens, it's pretty famous in NL and Belgium. There's quite a variation. We usually get the almond flavored...i'm addicted to's a bit chewy on the outside.

    Charlene! It is...i can't believe i survived for months here. I thought i would be flying back to SG after a few days...and can't wait for 2011!

    Mercedes! Yes, Lookin'at the bright side of cold and dark weather...hahaha