Thursday, October 21, 2010

The first battle of HT couple

HT couple had been very busy these past couple of weeks due to deadlines at work and finishing up of making more space at home (yes, we're still trying to touch up the bachelor's pad to make it more homey for 2).  With the little time we have, it's difficult to sacrifice the time in cooking dinner as we take our meals seriously (with conviction :D)

With that, HT hubbie and I thought of playing a game of cooking a dish each and taking note of the how long the preparation and cooking would be.  The shorter time wins this battle.

First is HT hubbie's dish...
using all of these ingredients...(though he cheated in using ready made dough, tsk tsk)

sauteíng and putting them all in this baking dish...he said it was a piece of cake (brushing off his palms together) time before it hopped into the oven...12 minutes.

Tick tock tick tock, after 40 mins in pre-heated (200 C) oven...ta dah!
Hubby's version of Quiche Lorraine!

look at this heavy-looking, chunky-licious slice...well done HT hubbie.

Now it's my turn....I love to eat but cooking is not YET my forte due to being spoiled by Singapore food scene.  but take note of the YET...i'm a chef-in-the-making (disclaimer: according to HT hubbie).

And besides, losing this game is not in my

2 cups of dry white wine, big stalks of leeks, bacon bits (chorizo sounds good as well), onions, garlic and 2 kg of mussels...sautee'd, then boiled until the shells open up!  After 15 minutes...the mussels were ready.

Oops, frites shouldn't be forgotten with this dish...
Ok..i cheated as well, i bought those frozen potato balls that can be cooked in the oven for about 15 minutes.

The results...

Quiche Lorraine : 52 mins.
Mussels in White Wine: 30 mins.

Wuhoo i won!!!!

And what's the prize??? HT hubbie would wash the dishes for a full week.  *bliss*

Now...HT hubbie, when is the next battle???

Happy weekend everyone!!!


  1. Haha the cooking game turned out to be a pretty good display of each others' culinary skills! Everything looks very impressive! :D

  2. You two are such a sweet couple!! The Quiche Lorraine looks very professionally made =) Kudos to both of you! Hope to read about your second battle soon! And see you both next month, I'm really looking forward to it yay.

  3. hooray!!! the dishes look fantastic! I bet they taste really really good! (^^,)

  4. haha lucky you, i baked scones last week and the time i took to prepare and shape the dough was the same as the time i took to wash everything up!

  5. Charlene, thanks! haha but HT hubbie is still way much better than me, but i'm slowly learning my way in the kitchen. :)

    Kaelyn! Yes, and it tasted pretty good too. I guess HT hubbie was inspired with the name of Quiche :) wink. Yeah, we can't wait to meet you too! See you in a month!

    Bessy, of course, they were delicious. We're waiting for you in this freezing country so we can have our weekend dinners together.

    Jer lin, yeah i saw you've been baking and cooking a lot. :) Yeah, with our busy schedule, it's difficult to made everything from scratch. So thanks to those ready made dough, quiche had never been made easier.