Friday, October 29, 2010

Lasagna fixin'

The weather is getting more chilly and just getting at the doorstep with my jogging pants and running shoes becomes harder each day.

As a fix, HT couple decided just to have salad once a week.  We always made sure there's a lot of ingredients and good portion of meat so we can satisfy our tummies...nice and full. (But, those vegetables really digest fast and before we hit the bed, we started opening bags of chips...there goes our healthy eating!).

With weeks of religiously eating a plate of greens...somehow it lost its touch for HT hubbie.  As guilty as I am who brought up the stuff-ourselves-with-greens idea...I thought of making it up for HT hubbie.

I have mentioned how I adore Kayotic Kitchen on how she motivates me being HT hubbie's kitchen queen. 

Again, i pick up this nice but simple recipe from her blog.

a light but delicious lasagna!

This layered pasta casserole dish suits the weather that this country is slowly embracing.  With dashes of chilis on our plates, we almost find the heater useless.

I followed the recipe as it is, by using ricotta cheese with eggs and parmesan to provide its white creamy sauce instead of using ready-made bechamel sauce. 

Made with love...that's what you called the "lasagna fixin' ".  (and it did work for HT hubbie)

Click here for the recipe.  (I added mushrooms but i sauteed it first so it won't be watery and next time i'll get a better can of diced tomatoes for sure)

Prettig weekend allemaal! (Happy weekend everyone!)


  1. We try to eat lots of veggies and light/healthy food, but last night I broke down and made Kay's hutspot (with Hema rooktworst) after seeing her posting. Sometimes you just need warm comfort food! Lasagna I leave to my Italian boyfriend to make. ;)

  2. The lasagna looks nothing short of excellent! I envy the hubby =)

  3. you could try making a lasagna entirely composed of veggies for a less guilty treat!

  4. Hey Alison...i'm sure you'll get that lasagna fixin'soon from your boyfriend. :)

    Hey Glenn! Thank you very much. I was surprised as well how it turned out as it was my first ever lasagna. The recipe is pretty straight forward and clear. But i do need your plating skills :)

    Hey Jer Lin! Yeah...i was thinking about that...but Hubby and I being carnivorous (and we can't really eat veggies alone) and we're meat lovers, so we mix everything with meat. (and if possible, with bacon :)). Talking about health freaks huh?

  5. oh my oh my. I wish I can try that out too! Lovely lasagna. :)

  6. Let me know when are you visiting us Bella V. So you can try our lasagna