Thursday, November 4, 2010

What we are addicted to...

I've been experimenting quite a lot in the kitchen since I moved to this side of the world.  And I'm actually enjoying it.  I spend half of my evening in my favorite area in the house making sure HT hubbie gets a satisfying meal.

Desserts are not a normal part of our dinner until we remember, we had this at one of our friends' place and decided to whip it up at home.

Looks can be deceiving...this bowl is made up of yogurt which is not your 0% or 2% fat type.  Greek yogurt has a high percentage of milk fats and is filtered to remove most of the water giving it's creamy texture (and delicious taste too!)  Add 3 teaspoons of honey (or more) and chunks of walnuts...ta dah!  You have yourself a simple yet authentic Greek dessert! (as long as you don't use a "no fat" cup of this dairy)

And this is what HT hubbie and I've been addicted to lately.  We forgot that calories exist in this world.

(Oh, a little secret, I heard this dessert is a good aphrodisiac!)  :D


  1. Greek yogurt with Greek honey is my favorite too! It's the most delicious of all yogurts.

  2. wow I wonder Singapore has this?

  3. Of all odd places, I've seen mustafa having Greek yoghurt. Greek honey - hmm..

  4. Oh I am a greek yoghurt fan too! I always think that I am odd bec friends around me prefer flavoured yoghurt.

  5. console yourself with the fact that yogurt is full of calcium and beneficial probiotics (:

  6. i have walnuts and honey at home!!!!!!!!! got to buy yoghurt~!!!! yums!

  7. Hi ice, i haven't tried greek honey but the home grown honey in NL was pretty good! :)

    Hi Xinli and Glenn, yeah i was not really looking into greek yogurt in SG as I was addicted to the prunes yogurt of Marigold. Mustafa is really a great place to find the not-so-usual stuff. :)

    Hi PY, yeah, i think most people likes flavoured yogurt, I love that too, until I found out how honey works well with a full fat yogurt. But I have to watch my waistline :)

    Hey Jer Lin, yeah that's true...I should focus more on it's health benefits. *wink*

    Hi brownbreadgirl! Thanks for dropping by...hope you'll be successful in getting this type of yogurt! :)

    Happy weekend everyone!

  8. love ur cooking journey with recipes! :)

  9. Hi Chloe! Thanks :) I just have to look for an alternative on what I love since I can't dine out often here just like in SG. :)