Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kyushu Japans Restaurant: a hole in the wall but serves good food!

Have you experience when you eat something regularly and suddenly it was taken out of your system, you feel weak and you just have to have it and nothing else can replace it?

I had that feeling a few weeks ago when I was craving for Japanese food.  In the Philippines, there's a wide range of Japanese establishments.  And of course, in Singapore, from cheap, mid-range to expensive Japanese restaurants, you name it the country surely has it.

There are a number of Japanese restaurants around Netherlands, but once that craving hits you, it should be near to your place.  We spent about an hour searching online for a good but not-so-expensive jap place and HT hubbie beat me this time (usually i'm faster in this matter :D)

My eyes went big and i started drooling when this plate arrive on our table.
Our neighbors were looking at us as we eat and enjoy our sashimi.  They're used to Japanese food = Sushi, that's it. And raw fish is a delicacy that only locals can eat just like how they eat their herring.  So they were quite amaze how happy hubby was, everytime he garnished his fat slice of raw tuna or salmon with a bit of wasabi, dipped in the sauce and place it in his mouth. I did the same but for them it's like "nah, she grew up with those".

We haven't had this before so it became a must-have that night.  These Aigamo (duck yakitori) were delicious though I prefer eating duck the chinese way as I can savor the duck meat and its juice than the teriyaki sauce overshadowing the meat itself.

For the mains, hubby had Gyuniku Teriyaki.  They served a slab of sliced grilled steak and drown it in teriyaki sauce.  It was nicely cooked (medium rare) and very tasty.  And hubby's meal won't be complete without a bowl of yaki meshi (jap fried rice)  - not in the picture.

And I had one of the famous japanese don...Katsu don.  I got something simple due to my craving.  The price was not cheap considering I can get like 2 bowls or even 5 bowls in different places in Singapore but hey, I just need to have this!  The pork cutlet was lovely and without any fats at all which suited me, and I felt like I was being transported back to Asia, eating the meat with rice seasoned with good blend of soy sauce, mirin and a bit of dashi. (heaven)

And we cannot end our japanese meal without this Matcha ice cream (green tea).  Ok, I was so ecstatic that night that I forgot to ask for the desserts menu and immediately ask if they have green tea ice cream.  And we got this huge plate.  The green tea was strong enough for the enjoyment of my palette.  Though I would prefer just serving the green tea plain as how you can get it in Asia so the taste resides in your mouth until you walk out of the restaurant smiling.

The place is not fancy...just small tables and i think it can accommodate about 20-25 people at a time.  What i like about this place, they made an effort to put up a sushi bar despite of the small area.  (And they serve plum wine...yum!)

This is one of the hole-in-the-wall restaurants around Utrecht (there's a Vietnamese restaurant beside it, next stop!).  And this made our food hunting more exciting as we discover this type of places that gives satisfaction but doesn't hurt our pockets. 

Price Summary in Euros:
Salmon Sashimi €4.50
Tuna Sashimi €5.50
Aigamo Duck Yakitori €4+ (2 sticks)
Grilled Steak Fillet €16
Katsu Don €16
Matcha Green Tea ice cream €8 (way too much...thanks to those fruits and whipped cream)

Kyushu Japans Restaurant
Voorstraat 66
Utrecht Netherlands
(do call for reservation due to limited seating)


  1. When I go Netherlands I am going to print out all your posts.

  2. Thanks PY! And when you're in NL, let me know so we can meet up and go food tripping together!

  3. Oh man i have a very bad craving for Japanese food! Zhihao and I will be going this saturday! Wheeee! :D

  4. I went to that restaurant once, but it was in the summer and so hot and crowded that it was hard to really enjoy it. There's another restaurant on Nachtagaalstraat that we really enjoyed and it's not so small and cramped.

  5. Hey Charlene! I'll be waiting for that post! :)

    Hi Alison, we were lucky then as it was not crowded at all when we went there. I'll check out that restaurant at Nachtagaalstraat. Thanks for the suggestion!