Monday, November 15, 2010

TIME OUT: Madrid Spain Part 3: El Desayuno (What's for breakfast?)

El Desayuno or breakfast is the most important meal for the day.  I'm sure you've heard this several times from your doctor, your parents and even kids are well versed of this concept.  I read that the Spaniards take their breakfast seriously with a cup of cafe con leche (coffee with milk), a glass of fresh orange juice and toasted pan (bread).  But in my observation in this country, they take any meals of the day as serious as they can (i.e. 5x a day).

HT couple first  el desayuno was in this famous chocolateria.  In very early mornings, this place is dominated by the locals coming from parties until wee hours to fill up their stomach with solids and to wash the over consumption of alcohol from their system.  At 8 am till mid-morning, when the locals are about to go to bed or some are just starting their day, this is the time where this place is plagued by tourists (and we were one of them).

What everyone is going ga ga over here?
a cup of chocolate caliente y churros!  (Hot chocolate with churros)

This ain't your hot chocolate drink type...
Look at the thickness of this hot cocoa which is perfect in dipping the churros (fried dough).  Churros here in Madrid are not the same as what we can get in Manila.  (Our churros has flavors just like how Americans eat their pretzels).  These bread sticks in Madrid is tasteless which were done on purpose so you can savor the lip smacking cocoa which was not sweet and maintains its chocolate-y goodness.  And I was amazed how a number of thin churros dunk into this cup filled up our stomach easily.  (They also serve the fat and more airy type of fried bread sticks called "Porras").

After our satisfying breakfast, suddenly this latino guy with a baby put his shoulders around me and posed for the picture...(check out the other guy if he's trying to put his hands in my bag - pick pocket in action? LOL)

Next stop...
This place was our regular el desayuno just in front of Sol metro station.

This bread was the reason of being regulars here.  Ensaimada or ensaymada is a typical merienda (snack) or breakfast in the Philippines.  The big difference of this pastry in what I was used to, is that here in Spain, they use pork lard (taste like jamon fat) instead of butter and cheese.  And I find their version more fluffy than ours. 

Another best seller is Napolitana y Crema, a light puff filled with generous cream.  This was a delight and really gave us the sweet kicks during early mornings.  (I heard their napolitana y chocolate) is a hit too!

The bakery has a salon or dining area upstairs for diners who prefer to take it slow while enjoying their pastries.  If you don't mind standing and wanna be locals, grab a space at this counter and you'll enjoy everything the salon offers (and 20 cents cheaper per item).

Price Summary (in euros)
Chocolate y churros : 3.70 (set)
Ensaimada: 1.10 per piece
Napolitana y crema: 1+ per piece

Chocolateria San Gines
Pasadizo de San Gines 5 (small street beside the Iglesia of San Gines)
off Calle Arenal
Madrid, Spain

La Mallorquina
Calle Mayor 2 (exit of Sol metro station)
Madrid, Spain


  1. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day! It's a must-have for me.

    The Ensaimada & Napolitana y Crema look absolutely yummy!

  2. Churros! I like them with just about anything! :D