Sunday, October 9, 2011

Netherlands, Utrecht: De Goedheyd

Who would say no to save a few euros or dollars for a degustation?  Not us!  Restaurant week have been in the scene for quite sometime and for 27,50 euros for a 3-course meal, HT couple decided to try out for the first time the restaurant week here in the Netherlands.

After choosing from a number of restaurants, we decided to go to De Goedheyd.

When we arrived, we were informed that their restaurant week menu is a surprise menu unless we have dietary requirements.  Sínce we eat basically almost's the standard menu we got:

Starters/Voorgerecht: roasted beef on a bed of quinoa with truffle sauce

Main Course/Hoofdgerecht: Seabass in saffron sauce

Desserts/Nagerecht: (from left to right) Mango cheesecake, fruits(pineapple, strawberries and grapes) and mango sorbet

Overall, it was a good 3-course meal.  They provided a few pieces of fries on the side (excluded from the set menu) to fill you up. 

Will we go to this place again for another restaurant week offering?  Hmm, maybe.  I think it was not enough (maybe i was just hungry :D).  I also can't help but compare what was offered here and that in Singapore.(check out:Brasserie Wolf).  I just think Singapore takes restaurant week more seriously(I maybe biased :D) but I guess it's a factor as well of how the residents take part in the event.

PS: HT wife is (finally) busy with work.  So, i'm apologizing for having no updates for a long time.  Nevertheless, I am still around to share with you HT couple's love for food and the wonders of their travel with their hungry tummies.

Enjoy eating (Eet smakkelijk!) 

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