Sunday, October 30, 2011

TIME OUT: Wine and Cheese

In this time of the year, when the days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder, people in this side of the world tend to be less active and less outgoing.  HT wife confesses that she'd rather stay at home, be a couch potato, hide under a blanket and stay warm.  It ain't healthy though.

One night, friends of HT couple changed the gloomy season into something interesting and (healthy...ahem!).   We ended the daylight saving time with a blast...

A wine & cheese party!!!

Brie, goat cheese, blue cheese, etc.

Cheese wouldn't be as healthy as it looks without these..

Bottles of red wine from Australia, Italy, France, South Africa, Chile and of  course, from our very own...the Netherlands!

HT wife is not a wine connoisseur.  But she drinks 1 glass of red wine every night (she has a mindset that a glass of red helps to keep her doctor away. :D).  HT hubbie goes along with this healthy habit. 

As a tip from the connoisseurs, we drank the wines from the lightest to the strongest.  This is a good way to savor each drop from the bottle without overpowering each other.  I learn from a French friend who loves wine next to his wife, that when you take a sip of the wine, let it roll all over your tongue up to the back of it so it goes through all your sense of taste.  I saw a few of them looking at their glasses too, but I skipped that for my next wine and cheese *wink*.

This quiche made of pear with gorgonzola and walnutswas a good complement for the evening's event.  It was simply delicious!

to go with our dessert wine, we had smurf popsicles to go with it.  :)

We planned to do this every 6 keep us warm at the start of our gloomy season and to celebrate the sunny beginning of the year.

'Till the next 6 months!  Cheers! (Proost!)

Thanks again for the wonderful evening guys (you know who you are!) 


  1. Oh the smurf popsicle looks so cute! (:

  2. It was difficult to eat a smurf...for sure :).

  3. A glass of red wine every night?! I wish i could do that too! :P Awwww I like your smurfs popsicle! Is there a smurfette one? :P

  4. @Charlene -> I assume it's healthy! It hurt me eating smurf *sniff* but I don't think there is smurfette ice cream :)