Friday, November 25, 2011

Netherlands, Apeldoorn: Pizzeria Sardegna

HT wife is fortunate that she can work from home at her own discretion.  She tries to go to the office at least twice or thrice a week.

You might ask the question, why would she bother going to the office if she can work from home the whole week?  Aside from saying 'hallo' or 'hoi' to my colleagues, there is a very important reason to go...(definitely not the canteen)

That is...a good pizzeria situated near our office!  For foodies, i'm sure your would agree this is worth the travel and giving up few hours of sleep. :)

HT wife and HT hubbie are pizza monsters!  We've been eating here for months now and finally, we're sharing our happiness with you.

check out the 2 angels behind the brick oven look-a-like kitchen

Pizzeria Sardegna is the only pizzeria we've been more than once for almost 1 1/2 years living in the Netherlands.  We've tried a few places in Utrecht but so far nowhere has touched our hearts as much as this place did. 

The place is very casual but they made sure that it still exudes that dining charm that the dutchies love!

Now, i'm featuring the star of all our pizza nights. 

Pizza tarantina - Looks can be deceiving.  The bolognese sauce with minced meat and the tasteful parmesan are the only ingredients on it.  But once we sink our teeth on a slice, we were brought to paradise.  There's something with the bolognese sauce that we can't explain.  It was heaven! 

now, how can you resist such pizza...(*drooling*)

Pizza Grandiosa - ironically from our first pizza, this has EVERYTHING on it!  From bell pepper slices, mushrooms, asparagus, artichokes...this pizza sounded healthy...until we read the meat selection...ham, salami and bacon!!  Every carnivore like me will have a big grin reading this.  This pizza had been accompanying us for our several pizza nights and it never failed me.  This time, I asked for zonder uien (no onions) and i'm loving it even more!

check out the abundant meat, meat, meat!!! (*happy*)

HT couple might not be actively sharing our hobby lately but we're still the same old HT couple who still loves to eat, eat and eat.

Ta ta!  Now heating up the left over pizza from last night!

HT Couple will be back in the travel scene.  Watch out for our food journey...only here...The Hungry-trotting Couple goes...Anywhere!

Tot zo!  (See you!)

Pizzeria Sardegna
Van Kinsbergenstraat 7 7311 BL
Apeldoorn Nederland

60+ pizza selection
10 euro - 12 euro for a big plate
Bambini (small sizes) are available


  1. Yay, you're back! =D

    That Pizza Tarantina looked like it would be a mess eating it haha, but I'm sure its a delicious mess!

  2. Hey Daniel! Yes, I am! How are you? :)
    The pizza tarantina is worth the mess :)

  3. Pizza looks good...

    I'm excited for our Ramen experience!

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  5. As usual, you just made me salivate. Nice low light pics, by the way. What camera are you using?

  6. kakagutom naman ito! :)

  7. @Cindz - Armand already knows the ramen secret. He knows me too well!

    @Draide - haha, come to Holland, and we'll grab this pizza together. I'm still using G11.

    @Debuggingmom - you have a new blog? :) Post more ok? :)

  8. Thanks for dropping by Pieter! I'm checking out citylemon now :).