Thursday, September 15, 2011

Philippines, Manila: Casa Armas

Spanish food is an all-time favorite of HT wife.  So I just wanted to share with you my all-time favorite spanish place in Manila.

Even though a number of Spanish restaurants sprouted in Manila, my love for Casa Armas never fades.

My usual order: gambas al ajillo. The chunky bits of garlic are so tasty and it's not overcooked so no trace of bitterness.  The gambas were cooked just right.  It was juicy and flavorful.  I haven't visited Casa Armas for years and I'm glad that the quality in this dish remains.

Still al ajillo (garlic and oil sauce), their beef salpicao always wins my heart.  The tenderness of the thick beef cubes is what I loved the most.  Each piece of meat absorbed the garlic pretty well but still leaving the meat succulent.

The free bread loaf was fresh and was a good companion for the tapas.

Paella Valenciana -  this is not excellent but one of the good ones around.  More chorizo, more taste on the small chicken pieces, more salt, more aroma of saffron and maybe a few strips of jamon iberico suits best for HT wife. :D (haha, it's just what I like my paella to be). The rice was cooked well and we have to wait for almost an hour for the preparation.  It was worth the wait.

Don't be conscious when these are looking over you and your plates.  They just wanted to make sure that everything is in order.  :) So enjoy yourselves!

I didn't become a HungryTrotter if i didn't come from a family of one.  So HT sisters!  They were my partners in crime before and they're still are everytime I go back. :) So HT sisters, be prepared with those tummies when I'm back.  'Till our next indulgence!

Price Summary:
Tapas - range from 250+ - 500 pesos~15 sgd ~7 euro
Paella - 800+ pesos~30 sgd~17 euro (good for 4)
Casa Armas
*with all these years, they didn't expand so fast and they didn't dream of  becoming a common restaurant chain.  That proves the consistent quality they're offering until now.  So keep it up!
Greenbelt 3, Trinoma, Jupiter St. Makati, Podium
Metro Manila, Philippines

*For a finer Spanish cuisine indulgence, check out  my posts when i was in Madrid with HT hubbie. :D


  1. mouthwatering. I cannot wait to get a mouthful of real honest to goodness spanish tapas. :-) see you very very very soon!!!

    did i tell look soooo much like your sister!?!? :-)

    btw, i added your blog to my blogroll if you don't mind :-)

  2. @Rhea -> same here...can't wait! See you! Nice to know that my twin sister and I still look alike :) I'm adding yours here as well :) Finally, i had the time to blog!