Friday, September 9, 2011

Philippines, Manila: Vikings

HT wife is still raving on Manila food scene!  I just can't stop indulging and trying out the all these new restaurants in Manila for the past 6 years that I was not living there.  Somehow, it makes me feel that it's time to move back (all for the love for food :D).  Of course, if only HT hubbie goes with me. (HT hubbie and food goes together in my dictionary :D).

There's been a craze on this huge eat-all-you-can place, facing the Manila bay.  Reservations should be done in advance especially on weekends or else you end up going there being disappointed.  As a family of food lovers, we booked weeks in advance. :)

I'm not a fan of eat-all-you-can as quality is being sacrificed.  But i've been reading a lot about Vikings and it was considered a luxurious buffet.  There's only one way to figure out...I just have to try it!

A good parking area was provided and as soon as you see this pirate-looking chef with a sneaky smile, you know you're up for the unexpected.

The place was huge!  I just have to spend 10 minutes going around to check out every buffet section without getting lost.  I like the idea that the buffet tables were laid out all over the whole area making sure that everyone doesn't squeeze  and not too much in each other's face.

What amazed me was the huge variety of selections they have.  You name it, they got it.

After going around, i started with this...
sashimi is included! :)  Both the sushi and sashimi were cut and done fresh respectively.  It was an entertainment watching the chefs making it if you wanted to take a break from stuffing yourself.

Cold cuts section was consists of western cold cuts of ham, cheese and other small bites.  I chose to get the chinese cold cuts such as century egg, jellyfish, marinated pork (simply anything you can get on the 1st plate of a lauriat).

We were sitted near the dimsum area and i love those mirror panels on the ceiling as you can see what the section offers you.  Chawan mushi, herbal soup were present as well.  I love that they still considered the presentation of each dish.

Imagine yourself in a market of fresh seafood around you.  Point which one you like and hand it off to the staff for immediate grilling.  And after a few minutes, it will be served to your table.  And for those who's impatient, grilled items are also available. :)

a row of hot dishes showcasing Western, Chinese and of course, Filipino cuisine.

Shabu Shabu Plain and Mala Tang works well for the kids. :)

The dish for the day...peking duck wrap with hoisin sauce.  This changes every week.  The pig's trotter (teer-mah) I got on the side was good.

the all-time favorite seafood was the choice of the night of HT wife's family.  The shrimps were big and the crabs were meaty.

Baked oyster delivered to our brother was an expert.  He knew where these aphrodisiacs were hiding.

 more grilled items...whew...i wonder if i can stuff myself more...

A buffet in the Philippines would never be complete without our famous roasted pig, lechon.
Lamb and tenderloin were also served for non-pork eaters.

Even though, I was so full, I made sure that I can still enjoy the desserts.  I indulged more on Filipino delicacies (upper left).  Oh my, I miss them so much!

Free flow of juices, sodas, fruit shakes, beers, coffee and tea are included in the buffet for 888 pesos (~30 SGD~17 euro) per person.  This September, they have increased their weekend price to 1088 pesos but i heard Angus beef came to the scene.

Overall, the food was ok.  You wouldn't reach to the point that you'll be're in heaven but with the price, wide variety and decent serving (they don't scrimp), this is one of the the worthy eat-till-you-drop place in town.

What made this dinner special was celebrating my birthday again (after 6 years of being apart) together with my sister.  It was a month late, but who cares? :)

Seaside Blvd, Pasay City
*you can even make reservations on their facebook page :D


  1. oh my goodness, you two look so alike! Identical twins?

  2. yes we are :) And we both love food too :D