Sunday, December 11, 2011

Spain, Barcelona Part 3: must-eat, must-do, must eat...

For the last installation of this trip, we made sure that we don't miss entering one of the tabernas around Barri Gothic.

you're sure that you're in the right place, when you don't mind if a leg of jamon or a few sausages hit your head upon entering the place.

and the first thing that welcomes you, is a cake of anchovies...*yum*

it's a point-point system, point which one you salivates on, and you'll get it.  The bread is toasted with tomato pulps and olive oil.  You'll get this anywhere even in restaurants as starters.  It gives the bread a fresher taste.

locals eat in front of the counters..standing.  Little did we know, that there's surcharge if you get a table.  (this is typical in Barcelona tabernas.  And if you want to sit outside, enjoying the sun and lovely weather of the city, you pay more...nothing is free nowadays. (average is about 10%).  Feel free to ask if you wanted your pennies worth.

don't forget to wash down your meal with cerveza

what else do you gorge in Spain?  Tapas!!!  Check out the galician style octopus(purple) and the black sausage.  Don't be shocked when you see in the menu the combination of meatballs(albondigas) and's a typical combination there (based on several restaurants/tabernas)

Spaniards eat dinner pretty late.  So we "localized" ourselves and jogged into this restaurant at 9 pm...famished!

Arroz negro, paella cooked in squid ink was the best dish that night.  It was lovely to the palate and the ink was not overpowering but rather giving a balanced taste to this arroz plate.

our yummy seafood paella!  The seafood was abudant and the rice was nicely cooked.

Cochinillo is a must-have especially for Flipinos visiting Spain.  It's just like home...our lechon.

One thing that HT couple loves doing aside from eating...exploring as much churches as we can wherever we are!

Barcelona cathedral

Iglesia Santa Maria del Mar

Picasso Museum "wowed" me.  The museum was done in such a way for the visitors to see the  progress of Picasso from the start when he's art still spoke "anybody can do that" until he has improved and found his own style.  It was very interesting...

check out the interesting facade of the ain't ordinary...

This ends our Barcelona trip...and before ending this post...

credits to my friend, Cindy :D

HT couple wishes everyone...a very Merry Christmas!  Happy Holidays guys!  Keep the love in the air!  Love, love,, eat, eat!!!


  1. I must eat that squid ink paella.

  2. another friend of mine just visited spain too! how is spanish suckling pig different from lechon?

  3. nice blog story again! on which email can I reach you? Cant find it on your blog.



  4. @PY-> you must!
    @JerLin -> In Philippines, we use really PIGS...i mean big ones. There are a few shops that taste like that of Spain (roasted with a bit of salt and spices). But the best ones in the Philippines, are cebu lechon. It's very tasty and juicy. And we have the lechon sauce called Mang Tomas (but only used for non-cebu lechons)

    @Pieter -> i sent you a message already via the email of citylemon :)

  5. Hehe the last photo looks so sweeeeet <3
    Merry Christmas to you and your hubby! :D :D :D

  6. @Charlene - Thanks! Happy New Year to you and to Chewy Charles :)