Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Copenhagen, Denmark: The Royal Cafe

Copenhagen is like my 2nd home in Europe :).  Thanks to the cool dutch friends of HT couple who has been living in Denmark, it was easy to feel at home in this country.

With our visits in Copenhagen, we always stuff ourselves with ristet polse...check out the previous post.

This time, after stuffing ourselves with polse (hotdogs), we decided to get cozy in this lovely cafe (beside the shop...The Royal Copenhagen) i.e. 

I got myself a glass of hot chocolate (50dkk~7 euros) ...to warm myself after walking around the cold and misty Copenhagen
The chocolate was creamy and not overwhelming.  It's one of the best hot chocolates i ever had. 

Cortado (35 dkk ~5 euro) - after HT hubbie's first sip, he just blurted out "this is how a good coffee should be".  I am aware how particular HT hubbie is with his coffee.  To be able to say such compliment, says a lot on the quality of the coffee and how Cortado was done perfectly in Denmark even if it's more famous in Spain and Portugal.  (Cortado - espresso with a small amount of milk).  He hates it when some cafés drown their coffee with milk (whether you order a latte or cappuccino).

if tapas are for the spaniards, Smørrebrød (open-faced sandwich) is for the danish.  This smaller version of smørrebrød, known as Smushi is the specialty of this cafe.  Only 6 selections, we decided to get 3 of them (it was quite expensive 130 dkk ~17 euro for 3).  Indulging into each of them explained the price...the quality of the ingredients used were superb! 

Røget Ål med Æggestand og Purløg (Smoked Eel with Egg stand & Chives) - we loved the combination of the smoked eel and the egg which the latter was nicely cooked.  Topped with cherry tomato and black raspberry, we get the best of everything in this smushi.

Mørbradbøf med Svampe a la creme (Fillet of Pork with Mushroom a la creme)  - carnivorous HT couple, this is a must among the 6 choices.  The pork was nicely cooked but was a little bit bland.  Until we realized that the mushroom a la creme was very tasty and delicious and should be eaten together with the pork.  I loved how such combinations worked unexpectedly.
Juleksinke m/ Cornichonner og Grønkål(Christmas Ham w/ Cornichons and Kale) - from the name itself, it must be a limited edition smushi, so we decided to get it for this yuletide season.  I like the colors that were put into this sandwich.  The cornichons (pickled cucumbers) were mixed with cream cheese and layered the ham in between.  The cream was quite overpowering that you can't taste the ham anymore.  Nevertheless, it was still a delightful smushi.

The setting is so cute that it's worth to be posted. :)

Wouldn't you love to stay for a few hours, having a cup of chocolate or coffee with your girlfriends?

or get cozy with your hubby or wifey in this sofa...:) (Taking pictures of food is becoming an "in" thing not only for asians :D )

So don't miss this entrance when in Copenhagen.

The Royal Cafe
(beside The Royal Copenhagen shop)
Amagertorv 6  1160 København


  1. Ahh, great post! That cafe looks AMAZING! I love the decor so so much. And what cute little smushis! Copenhagen has been on my list of go-to places, so I will for sure check out this cafe when I reach that goal ;)
    Happy New Year to the HT couple - looking forward to hearing about more of your food and travel adventures :)

  2. Happy NY Jesse!!! :) Thanks for the compliments! Though this cafe burned a hole in my wallet (quite expensive). But it was nice to try and experience it :)