Saturday, December 10, 2011

Spain, Barcelona Part 2: Must-eat, must-do, must eat...

Barca wouldn't be a food haven without their infamous boqueria (market).  If you remember, in Madrid, I went to the mercado several times (aside from taking chance if i get my wallet back :D).  I just love walking around looking at the items being sold in the market.

i wish we have such market in NL

And for breakfast, go into any cafe and you can get these...

churros with cups of thick hot chocolateWe got ours at Granja Dulcinea (carrer Petritxol).  One of the better ones around La Rambla/Barri Gothic area.

enjoying my churros

ensaimada @ Cafe L'Opera (La Rambla)

I made sure that I get ensaimada and churros in Barcelona to compare it with Madrid.  I think I prefer the ones from the latter.

Let's take a break from eating and explore the wonders of Barca.

Casa Batllo is a must-see. You're gonna adore Gaudi even more once you step inside.  Casa Batllo was a house designed by Antoni Gaudi for an aristocrat family.  Now, it's open for tourists to explore the wonders of Gaudi's design.  Check out the skeletons and skulls look-a-like in this structure.

just a sneak peek of what's you still have that excitement when you experience it yourself.

the modern design of the roof (colorful!)

You walk a little bit further from Casa Batllo in Passeig de Gracia, and you'll stumble into La Pedrera.  This is now a Gaudi museum. 

where all tourists flock, the infamous Sagrada Familia, which is still under construction.

take time to go inside and check out this extremely modern church architecture.  He made it look like a forest.  Even the way it's constructed is based on the force of nature.  He was not be able to finish this church, but the wonderful artists who's completing this church made sure that they continue Gaudi's modernist way.

I'd suggest to go to our next stop only if you're well-rested. From the train station Lesseps, it's a hike up to reach Parc Guell (15 mins).

You'll be welcomed by this colorful lizard.

the HT couple ready to go around.

friends having fun!  (we, Filipinos love "jump shot")

The Gaudi's magic design is visible in the park.  Even if it's too much walking, it was worth seeing every detail that our "architect idol" had done.

Just a suggestion, explore Gaudi's gems in several days...with other Barca sites in between...or else you might get Gaudi overload.

'till our next visit, sir!
More coming the last Barca post!  Stay tune.


  1. Great post! I was in Barcelona with my mama this summer and also saw these Gaudi buildings. They're so crazy. And it's funny how you can just stumble into them (and others) while wandering around the city.

    We also went to la boqueria a few times - GREAT market! So much to see. and taste!

    Looking forward to your last Barcelona post :)

  2. thanks Jessie! Barcelona is so lovely to walk around plus the weather is's "koud" here in NL. Enjoy your holidays! Where will you celebrate? :)