Sunday, March 27, 2011

TIME OUT: Philippines - Tubbataha Reef - worth diving for

Aside from eating, HT couple loves diving.  Diving had played a significant role to HT couple's road to love.  From our first out-of-town date, the underwater marriage proposal up to our honeymoon, sharks and fishes were our underwater witnesses.

We were lucky to have the opportunity to dive in tropical waters again after almost a year.  And we didn't think twice where to go and immediately booked The Tubbataha dive trip in the Philippines.

Tubbataha reef, for your information, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, situated in the Sulu Sea of the Philippines.  This is one of our country's pride.  The only way to get here, is by taking a boat, spending days and nights in the middle of the sea with big waves.

There are several boats that goes to this marine park between the months of March to June.  We took Expedition Fleet's Oceanic Explorer first trip for the year to Tubbataha.

this was our home for 6 days

our dive suite...the best room we ever had in liveaboards

this is what i like about liveaboards, no fuss but comfortable living (from left to right - the dining area, dive baskets for each divers so we don't mix our stuff with others, a library and a bar area where we can get our dose of beer or cola after a long day.)

the marine park is fishing, no anchoring thus, we used these chaser boats to go to the dive spots. 

What I hate in diving? 
Wearing the wetsuit is such a pain.  It already consumes half of my energy.  I'll start sweating to death just gearing up.  Then the remaining energy goes to carrying the tank before going underwater.

But as soon as I see this...
the breathtaking view just makes me feel light and naked

And seeing these sea creatures...i almost forgot that I need to breathe

aside from fish watching, i love dancing underwater too...

And what i love the most in diving?  Every after dive, I am able to do my other hobby...
we were well fed in the boat - which contributed to the 2 kg i gained from my vacation...but it was worth it.

I haven't seen much pelagic fishes and sharks in my dives around Southeast Asia until this trip.  So this is definitely recommended by HT Couple.

Try diving...where else can you have an eye to eye contact with nemo? :)

*Thanks to Mark for lending us his underwater camera case for the whole trip. :)

P.S.  In this trip, HT wife reached her 100th dive and counting 'till her 200th :).  Hurray!


  1. Thanks Xinli! :) I'll see you mid of this year in Amsterdam ok? :)

  2. awesome pics! And congrats for your 100th dive. :)

  3. Oh man seeing this post of yours really makes me miss everything about diving! I always get cuts and bruises (i refuse to wear a full wetsuit) but I dun mind cuz it's worth it! :P

  4. We should go diving together one time Charlene :) I'll keep you posted when we have plans in Asia and hope our schedule meets :). Is Chewy Charles willing to try diving? :)

  5. Amazing! It's also one of my dreams to dive in Tubbataha reef someday. But wow, it really takes a long time to reach this place. Thanks for sharing this!

  6. @Bessy -> tara diving ka na din lah!
    @Lovely -> Thanks for dropping by at my site :). I saw your site and you had wonderful travel adventures. I'll use your site when i go around Asia...again :D And go explore our wonderful Tubbataha! :)