Thursday, March 3, 2011

Manila: What HT couple have been enjoying back home

Our first few meals in PH...

Max's Fried Chicken - look how happy HT wife was, holding her first meal in PH.  Max's Fried Chicken for Filipinos is no-ordinary poultry.  It has taste almost similar to crispy pata (fried pork knuckle) which is very tasty compared to white meat and with its goodness, their slogan is deliciously good up to the bones...and indeed, if you can eat the bones, you would polish your plate like it was newly washed.

Banana ketchup with worcestershire sauce goes well with this chicken.  Banana ketchup, well-known in PH is made of mashed bananas instead of tomatoes.  It give lighter and sweeter taste.  This is also being used for pasta dishes.  If you see a sweet-style spaghetti sauce, that is inspired by this banana ketchup and for sure you'll have a sweet, tangy flavor pasta...a Filipino recipe.

Fried Pork Knuckle aka Crisy Pata -We,  Filipinos love our pork and treats it very well. A dish served on Filipino's table during parties and festivities.  The crunchy skin, dip in the special made soy sauce was worth every crack and even though it's fried, the meat remains tender and tasty.  What I don't like in this dish is the process of scraping out the fats from the skin and from the meat, but otherwise, eating it, is like in heaven. 

A true blue Filipino, HT wife enjoyed her chickenjoy!  All Filipinos know how much this chicken gives joy to Filipinos going home from abroad.  Jollibee, the store that serves this poultry, is our Filipino version of McDonalds.  Its crispy skin, oozing oil and tasty gravy are unhealthy but coming home after 7 months, makes this calories intake worth it.

This might not be exclusive in the Philippines, but Green Tea Frappuccino doesn't exist in the Starbucks' european scene.  My favorite drink if I'm not in the mood for caffeine.  Aside from loving its color, i just love green tea per se.

Biko - is a Filipino delicacy made of sticky rice and coconut.  This sweet rice cake is such a delight.  I took this for granted when we would have it at home when I was young.  I guess, absence really makes the heart grow fonder.   I enjoyed every bite of this chewy and lip smacking good biko.

If HT wife had her cravings, HT hubbie sure has one for himself...

Tempura Tuna Sashimi Tartare - A mixture of tempura skin, tuna sashimi pieces mixed in a special mayo sauce.  Teryaki boy, a Japanese chain in the Philippines has introduced this dish a few years ago and became a hit.  It hit HT hubbie's heart too!  The special sauce was a mixture of zest, spicy and sweet taste which goes well with bland raw tuna pieces and the fried tempura pieces added flavor to it.

HT Hubbie didn't think twice of having his picture taken with his favorite dish...he can't wait to have his first bite!

I noticed, being in Manila, is a very good weight gain program.  It's time to take a off we go to Apo, Tubbataha Reef and Puerto Princesa for our dive expedition and going-around-other-than-in-manila trip...and for sure, food would be a part of this journey.  Ta ta for now! 


  1. You two look super happy. :D I miss Asia too.. It's still bloody cold in NL. :(

  2. Try Green Tea Frappe blended whipped cream with half Irish cream and half hazelnut (instead of the classic syrup) YUMMY!

  3. Welcome Home din pala! have a fun and safe trip to both of you :)

  4. max's fried chicken looks delish! and banana ketchup certainly sounds you know if it's available in singapore?

  5. Happy diving! Awww.. I miss diving :(

  6. Hey Bessy! Thanks sa suggestion kaso now ko lang nabasa...hahaha next uwi.

    Hey Stargirl, i'm sad to say it's not available yet in SG.

    Thanks Charlene! We did enjoy our diving trip!