Friday, May 16, 2014

Wageningen, Netherlands: Restaurant O Mundo, a Michelin-starred restaurant

HT couple is back!  We're still the same...foodies and still travel adventure seekers.  We've hibernated for a year and we miss sharing with you guys are food and travel oohlalala.

Logging into this blog after a year, I, HT wife, felt some excitement.  I'll be honest that I'm quite stressed out lately and I need a medium to relax myself and ta-dah, food blog it is!

This post was started from a year ago.  Just happy to be able to finish it up and share with you guys.  Enjoy!

HT couple were lucky to get a voucher from work (for job well done) for 5-course menu with wine arrangement for 2 at Hotel de Wereld - Restaurant O Mundo

Hotel de Wereld is a historical site where the capitulation of the German troops in NL and the end of German occupation during WWII (credits to wikipedia)

Restaurant O Mundo holds a star in Michelin guide and one of the best arrangements HT couple had.
we were welcomed by this amuse.

love their olive oil bottle

we never went hungry while waiting for our 5-course.

Soy-marinated Tuna with quinoa, avocado, piccalilly-ice, daikon cress, wasabi en spongecake van wakame.  Delicious and inventive.

Our favorite - langoustine wrapped in kataifideeg and shortly cooked.  Served with risotto, lime, vegetables, paramezan and capuccino from squid ink. (Kataifi- is a vermicelli-like pastry) 

lamb saddle - nicely cooked, flavorful and succulent

goose liver - poached in cloth with spiced cookie, fruit mustard and mango reduction.

Diverse sweets made of hazelnut

The wine arrangement was perfect and got me really drunk.  Each glass was so good and it complemented perfectly with every dish.

This is so far the most inventive, delicious, no misses arrangement we had in the Netherlands. (as of 2013) - we had better one this year 2014...just wait for the post :)

Highly recommended!  Money's worth and not expensive at all for Michelin-starred restaurant.

BUDGET: Menu O Mundo Deluxe (similar to above) 85 euros per person
                  3-course ~40 euros per person
                  4-course ~55 euros per person
                  *exclusive wijn arrangement

Restaurant O Mundo
5 Mei Plein
6703 CD Wageningen
The Netherlands


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