Monday, May 19, 2014

Spain, Madrid: La Gabinoteca : Modern Tapas

Another trip to Madrid!  The last time HT couple was here, HT wife had a bad experience of pickpocketing.  But we still keep on coming back.  Why?  Because of their food!  Tapas are must- haves in Spain.  And you can get it practically in any corners of Spain (check out our other Spain posts).  
This time, we went somewhere with frills.  Yes, not your ordinary tapas place.
The moment we entered La Gabinoteca, we were just amazed on how homey yet modern the place is. 

the tables and chairs are simple but quirky

And with the food...their tapas ranges from 4-10 euros.  And just checked out how the small bites are served.  Innovative!

We got greedy and got these for starters.

Tortilla con brandada de Bacalao (~5 euros) -  tortilla comes usually flat - basically like an omelette.  But in La Gabinoteca, you get the tortilla in a glass with cod and a spoon!  Just love how each of the individual flavors of cream, egg, cod came together everytime you scoop a spoonful of the tortilla from this glass.

Alcachofas Fritas (~7 euros) - Fried artichokes with jamon served in a tin can or small trash can.  I love artichokes and...deep-fried, just delicious!

El Potito (Egg, Potatoes and Truffle) (~6 euros) - their specialty as i've seen this small bottle on every table.  This is somehow similar to the tortilla but in my opinion is more tasty.  It can be overwhelming so I suggest to get only this or the tortilla...not both.

Taco Pato (~6 euros) - one of my favorites.  Duck meat flakes - fried till crisp but still juicy and served in a taco. Smart isn't it?

Carrillera de ternera como las hace NINO (~7 euros) -  veal cheeks braised in red wine - how it's cooked by one of the owners named NINO.  It was tender and delicate in taste.

Mini Escalope 'ARMANDO' (~7 euros) - their version of schnitzel and it's not a mini.  I would say this was nothing special.  It was also served very oily.
Overall, we love the place, the food, the vibe.  The crowd is more young professionals therefore, it's not rowdy at all.  If you're in Madrid, make sure to visit this place for that dining experience that doesn't cost a fortune.
Our friends who were with us made reservation.  It was full and I remember kitchen only opens at 8 pm (not sure if it still is). 
La Gabinoteca
Calle Fernandez de la Hoz 53 Madrid 28003

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