Monday, October 8, 2012

Sweden, Stockholm: HT couple invaded the city!

HT couple has invaded Stockholm, one of the best cities to live in.  We were so curious how could such an expensive city be the we know check out some of our budget tips when in Stockholm.

1.) The city offers a good share of old and modern feel.
Ridarholmskyrkran - where the monarchs of 16th century were buried.  It's quite nice and relaxing to look at while strolling the old town - Gamla Stan.

Kulturhuset - The house of culture @ the center of Stockholm was eye-catching whether it's day or night. 

BUDGET TIP: You can spend a whole day going around the city by metro, bus or tram (get a 1-day transportation card as 2 rides per day already makes the cost of the day card - breakeven)

2.) Nordic animals and countryside ambiance is just a tram away.
You can see them in Skansen - open air museum

Me with a country horse - look how sturdy their legs are!

yes, this is a house.  Bed, kitchen and conventional heater...they're all inside.

they're doing the dishes!  (teamwork)

3.) The city has loooots of museum.
the Nordic Museum - not your typical museum.  - interesting and fun at the same time.

BUDGET TIP: Stockholm has numerous museums.  If you're staying there only for a day or two, a maximum of 2 museums is enough.  Check out which interests you the most.  The entrance fees are quite standard about 100 swedish KR ~ 11 euros.  If you're there to explore only museums and palaces, then better get a stockholm tourist card.  

4.) So many kids having fun

5.) Of course, the food experience!

At Ostermalm Saluhall

 The stall Lisa Elmqvist offers a good variety of seafood - we got their sampler plate which consists of bleak roe, trout roe, shrimps - smoked and steamed, cured salmon, smoked salmon, marinated pickled herring, shrimp salad and the winner of them all - the crayfish salad (hiding behind the dill).  The platter was served with 4 types of special sauces which are being sold individually by the stall.  It was a lovely lunch (not cheap ~50 euros  but i guess it's cheap for the locals - considering the queue). 
BUDGET TIP: As this is a must have for HT couple and the Saluhall is only open until 4 pm, we invested on our lunch and went cheap for dinner.
HT hubbie looking excited before digging in.
ah...i salivated as soon as i saw these crabcakes (@Lisa Elmqvist - stall)
what i'm missing in Holland (which i've seen in most of the european countries) a good selection of meat

Being a foodie doesn't mean you have to spend a lot to eat good food...HT wife wanted to try wild/game in Stockholm that wouldn't make a hole in her pocket...ta dah...Pizza with gorgonzola and a mixture of wild (elk, reindeer, etc).  - And yes, the pizza was super huge and lekker(delicious) - far better from what we have tried in NL! (@Buona Sera Pizzeria - near our hotel Rex Petit) ~~ 10 euros
When in any country in Scandinavia, make sure to eat hotdogs.  It's yummy, fills you up, and cheap!
HT couple was on a budget in Stockholm.  We got this famous princess cake in the supermarket - sponge cake layered with cream and custard...the green coating taste like marzipan and was very very sweet.
Foodcourts exist in Stockholm - pretty unusual on this side of the world.  No frills, food is so-so but budget friendly.
Sweden has one of the high numbers of coffee drinkers in the world. 

BUDGET TIP: Some cafes (such as Cafe Art in Gamla Stan) offers a drink-all-you-can coffee for ~5 euros.  Get some bread pudding with vanilla sauce (typical in Sweden) to compliment your caffeine fix.
for my last few kroners, i got this before saying goodbye to Stockholm.
an open-faced meatball sandwich - I was a bit hesitant ordering meatballs as i think it's overpriced considering i can eat a lot of them @Ikea for a few euros...but finally, i gave in.
6.) Shops in Stockholm are open on Sundays
free apples in the shopping district - for shoppers who blew their wallets and have nothing for lunch (or for dinner - i saw a lady who opened her bag and was not shy stuffing it with apples as full as she can)

And what makes it really the best??? 
Irish pubs are all over Stockholm :).

BUDGET TIP: Since 17th century, alcohol has been controlled in Sweden thus, you have to pay a price if you can't avoid it.  Dining out, I noticed that locals were just drinking tap water and those with beers are the tourists (LOL).  You can order beer with low-alcohol-content which is less expensive or if you can try to hold your eagerness of alcohol intake, wait 'till your out of Sweden...or out of Scandinavia.


  1. What a great post, it makes me want to hope on a plane to Stockholm right now!! Museums for days, delicious food, what more could you want? (Well, maybe cheaper prices :P) I love the picture with you and the horse. And that seafood platter looks soooo lekker :)

  2. Thanks Jesse! Do i look afraid standing next to the horse? I was scared looking at those huge legs!

    Cindz!!! Wish you were there with us :). Post more in your blog!

  3. Great post indeed, I love the pictures and now I can't wait to go to Stockholm!
    I am happy you gave in to the meatball sandwich. I have never been in Sweden or eaten food from there, but IKEA meatballs taste like dogfood and it is unfair to compare them with their traditional food. I have also eaten meatballs from many different countries and they all taste differently delicious!

    I recently discovered your blog and I really enjoy reading it! Good luck with your next adventures!

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