Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Paris, France: at almost 40 degrees Celsius (and it never stopped HT wife from eating!)

In the midst of the hottest day in Paris, half of the Parisians made sure that they enjoy the day with a great view of their famous landmark.
HT hubbie said, when the weather is warm, humans eat less.  Hmm...not for HT wife...
A great way to start the day...(though the coffee is not the parisian way)
duck confit (with 1 kilo potato)'s too could Parisians be so thin?
my steak with bone marrow
to those who know me, guess what?  i didn't eat the marrow...(too fatty for my taste)
créme brulee - thin, smooth, creamy, melts in your mouth...perfect!
Crépe special..
BURGER!  It was bessy and I were just walking back to the train station and saw this burger at the window of a restaurant near Notré Dame.  We got tempted...and zoof...look what we got ourselves into.
mine was a bit raw...I didn't think of returning it so I can eat it the French way...guess what?  My tummy asked me a favor not to be too experimental.
With all the binging, my best friend and I made sure that we take off those calories by walking for 5 hours (straight!) 
And it was worth the effort...Notré Dame's other side.
looking up to Sacre Coeur
Louvre from afar
Cruisin' Seine river was the best way to relax, after a long day of walking under the heat.
And what can HT wife say...after this weekend getaway?


  1. Whoohoo!! Nice blog post :D
    The food looks great, but I have to say I really love your picture of the Sacre Coeur... those colours! Oh, Paris :)

  2. Hey Loraine, did you go to Aux Tonneaux des Halles? The steak looks a lot like what we had! :D

  3. @Bessy: Yahoo!
    @Jesse: Thanks! We were so lucky with the weather (it's nice in pictures but it was too hot even for my tropical blood.
    @Ratna: Yes! We went to Aux Tonneaux des Halles. You guys had bone marrow too? Did you eat it?

  4. Oh my god! You didn't eat the marrow??!!! That is blasphemy to french cooking.

  5. @Andrew: you know how i hate fats or fatty texture haha :) At least, when we go back to Paris for our food trip, you can have an extra marrow :)

  6. mmmm, it is just not he same without HT Hubbie