Friday, June 15, 2012

STUFF yourself Part 2: The Pig rules!!!

As you noticed, HT couples' way of having vacation is to EAT, EAT, EAT, ok sometimes we go shopping (which we're both not experts of).

And with everything we've stuff ourselves during our holidays, there will always be the so-called "favorites".

Here's what HT couple loved the most:

Lechon in Cebu, Philippines are the best.  To those who doesn't know lechon - it's pig stuffed with herbs and roasted the old-fashioned way.  A person twists the stick to make sure that the pig is equally roasted on both sides and splashing the skin with oil/herbs/soy from time to time to keep it from drying out.  The best part of lechon is the skin.  The crispy-ness of the skin is the sign on how good the pig was cooked and which makes a lechon shop famous.

see what i mean with roasting lechon? :)

Cebu lechon are known for it's tasty meat.  Manilenos' are used to eating lechon with sauce (Mang Tomas to be exact).  That's a shame for cebuanos' who dedicated their lives making the best lechon.  They'll give you a weird reaction if you ask for one (so better watch out!).

And true to its theory, Zubuchon (about 500 pesos per kilo). has made a name and still continues not to fail people like HT couple who loves lechon!  Anthony Bourdain visited Cebu and had his own share of the crispy skin of zubuchon (while it's being roasted! - I wish we were friends).

Zubuchon's also available at the departure area of Cebu domestic airport.  You can get it frozen and there's an instruction on how to cook it the proper way.  Ok, we were not able to make the skin as crispy as it can be, but it's still better than not having lechon when in Cebu! 

tip: If you're diving in Malapascua or Moalboal, there are no lechons in any of the restaurants around the island.  Make sure as soon as you exit the airport, grab a few kilos at the exit (it's not hard to miss - i think the name is Ayer) before you hop for a 3-4 hours trip!  I got this tip from Singaporean divers who frequent Cebu. 

Next, is our all-time favorite:

shout out loud: RAMEN!!! (about 20 sgd per order)

Since our flight is via Singapore, we had a chance for stopover to grab this favorite. 

And do you believe in love at first sight?  HT couple does!!!

It was our first time in Ramen Santouka - The Central (@Clarke Quay, Singapore) and we just fell in love with it.

The ramen was really good and I enjoyed chewing every strand of it.  The soup was delicious that I slurped as loud as I can. 

But what made it special?

the pork cheeks!!!

And these slices just melted in our mouth.  It was very tasty that HT hubbie and I became greedy and got 3 portions in total.  The fats on the meat were not too big, just enough to make the meat more porky.  (HT wife only eats selective fats...and this is one of them).

In their menu, they boasted on how minimal pork cheeks you can get per pig (200-300 grams), thus, it makes this meat special. 

Too bad, we have to catch our flight so we have to bid goodbye to the pork cheeks and 'till we meet again!

STAY TUNE on our next the land of bb creams, k-pop, kimchi and asian drama series...

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