Thursday, June 14, 2012

STUFF YOURSELF, more fun in the Philippines!

Nomad - a person who moves from place to place according to season, environment etc.  For Filipinos, it's the so-called NPA (no permanent address).

The past years, I have lived in countries which i've called my home. 

And I find it weird but exciting that I went back to my so-called ex-home as a tourist.

And what does tourists like HT couple do?

Stuff ourselves!!!

Cafe Mary Grace (Greenbelt 3, Trinoma, Manila, Philippines)  - if you ask me what to choose from if you just had a full dinner and has a small space of a piece or 2 of sweets in your tummy?  My answer would be, forget about your limitation and eat all of them no matter how big your tummy would be.

The Cheese Roll - are soft and melt in the mouth.  My best friend had 2 of these in one sitting (considering the full dinner and all the other goodies).

Lemon Squares - I'm not fond of citrus desserts but somehow this one complemented  my palate.  The balance of citrus(ness) and sweetness works for me.

Food for the gods - a few words: just lovely!

Mango Bene and the Black Velvet Cake - are rich in taste and no trace of dryness.

WORTH: the cakes were a little over 100 pesos per slice and the rest were 20-30 pesos per piece.

Tao Yuan Seafood Restaurant (Lucky Chinatown Binondo Manila, Philippines) - yes, this is located in the new upscale mall in the heart of Binondo (chinatown in Manila).  This restaurant serves good chinese food...Hongkong and Singaporean dishes are their specialties. 

I was disappointed with how cereal prawns were made especially they are known for their singaporean chefs.  The rest were just delicious!  Amen!

WORTH: It's not cheap but with the quality of the food it was worth it!  The servings are big and for sharing (lauriat style).

 Buffet 101 International Cuisine ( Seaside Blvd.  - across SM Mall of Asia - Manila, Philippines) - Before decent buffet in the Philippines only applies to few hotels in town but the last years, international buffet restaurants are sprouting everywhere in the city.  It's such a big hit to the Filipinos as with the affordable prices and with wide range and good quality dishes, it's worth every cent. 

From seafood, to US steak, lamb, dimsum, sashimi, paella, filipino, chinese and japanese dishes together with the variety of desserts and unlimited beer, sodas and what i've gorged into...fresh watermelon and mango shakes - arggh, I can stay here all day!

Mangoes in the Philippines are just exquisite and one of a kind.  I made sure that I take the said fruit in any form as much as I can.  All tourists in the Philippines does :).

WORTH: 1000 pesos (dinner on weekdays), 1150 pesos (dinner on weekends)...lunch is 900+ pesos

Don't underestimate the crowd as even during weekdays, it can be busy. Reservations are accepted 3 days in advance. 

P.S. the bayside area is so lively and colorful now.  Kudos to Manila!

Marciano's (Greenbelt 3, Makati Philippines) - we're all the yuppies hang out.  It brought back a lot of memories when I was working and enjoying lunch outs with my colleagues which are now my long-time friends.  (Miss you AC- batchmates!)

I don't know how long this restaurant has been in Greenbelt 3, but my bessy wanted to try out this one for a long time.  So here we are!  It serves international cuisine with American twist!  Some of the dishes were named after Gossip Girl's characters (tv series) such as Nate's seafood paella.

To be honest, i wasn't expecting much about the food.  To my surprise, every dish has its own unique and yummy taste.  The braised pork belly was so tender and tasty which was my favorite that night.  And the grilled salmon on caper sauce was juicy and the caper sauce was light enough not to overpower the fish.  The seafood paella topping was abundant and good enough for sharing.  The baby back ribs were lip-smacking good.

Overall, thumbs up to this place!

WORTH: the dishes vary between 300 pesos to 1000 pesos but is definitely good for sharing.

I am so proud of Manila.  The food scene has really gone into a blast!!! Wuhoo!


  1. Just came from Tao Yuan in Lucky Chinatown too! Chinatown has changed a lot. Tao Yuan is one of my fave restaurants here! :) I also tried Buffet 101 and not bad! They are the same owner as YakiMix.

  2. hahaha, we tried the same stuff! :) Hmm, we're really friends, aren't we? :)

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    1. haha kasama ka sa foodtrip na to ah! Naloko pa tayo dun sa paella LOL