Tuesday, January 25, 2011

One Fine Brunch @ HT Couple's Huis!

One of the things I enjoyed most with my time here in the Netherlands, is going to the supermarket! (next to eating of course).  And I just feel at home as I have mastered all the Dutch words (almost) that pertains to food in every row and section of this place.

I always list down what I'm gonna buy in the grocery (control freak :D).  But, i still end up taking home with me twice or thrice of what i have written.  When I'm surrounded with patch-your-own-food (making your own meal), there's always something that might go well with this and that.

One weekend, HT couple woke up at almost noon (ok, that's almost every weekend) and decided to have brunch at home.  We thought of warm dishes yet simple to start our day right.  We decided to make our own tapas version.

And these were what we have picked out.

Smoked Mackerel - we seldom cook fish as HT hubbie doesn't like fishy smell all over the house.  So usually, we would get smoked, ready-to-eat vis (fish) in the supermarket.  We liked how tasty smoked fish are and those that we get here, the meat are still soft, almost raw in texture.  Tommie, our pussycat, went gaga when we placed this plate on the table.  And HT couple went gaga too!

Gambas in knoflook and citroen sap (garlic and lemon) - We bought these peeled and marinated yet uncooked shrimps.  It's funny that you can choose whether cooked or uncooked ones in the shop ( i guess if you don't trust the seafood freshness then you go for the orange clothed prawns).  I was happy to see these huge and fat prawns (as i seldom see them here).  It was as juicy as how i like it to be and it was delicious!  I used my bread to wipe off every traces of oil from these gambas.

Pain D'Ardenne - cured cold cuts that are thinly sliced that came from Ardenne, which extends from Belgium, Luxembourg to France (thus the French name).  I've mentioned in my previous post how HT hubbie loves eating dried sausages, chorizo and this is one of his all-time favorites.  And I can't blame him, as this slices of dried meat gave full and satisfying flavor despite of its thinnest.  I enjoyed munching it like chips. 

With good cups of coffee and small, lovely chit chats while enjoying every bite and every moment of our brunch @ home, this was really a good start of the day...and hoping, that weekend would never last.

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