Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Utrecnt, The Netherlands: Bagels and Beans

Thanks again to the Americans who introduced this bread to a Filipino like me. I was a regular bagel-eater in that mermaid cafe that has been built in every corner of Manila and Singapore and slowly penetrating Netherlands.  I don't know how a bagel should be, whether it should be soft that it gets stuck on your teeth or whether it should be hard to give a few scratches on your gums..I just love bagels either way.

A friend mentioned this cafe (in NL, cafe is a better word than coffee shop as the latter doesn't only perks you up but also makes you float up high *wink*), that has sprouted around NL which sells this holy bread I love.  And there are no mermaids nor star in the logo...but just the straight forward..
a cup of coffee and a piece of bagel

And you still get the european service of getting your drinks first.
in colorful cups with saucers

The cappuccino was alright, it's not too milky which how it's supposed to be, but i can get the same in normal pubs and bars around (except the cute cups, of course).

My bagel for the day - Cinnamon and raisins (a staple for HT wife) which had enough sweetness and gave that lovely aroma of cinnamon.  I don't usually eat this bread with cream cheese but with butter.  I love how the butter melts and sizzles on the bread.  However, I can't resist the wide selection of B&B's cream cheeses (check out the menu in their website).  And I think the best companion for my order of bagel was...

Honey and Walnuts!  And look how chunky it is! 

goat cheese with bacon and pine nuts - HT hubbie is not fond of bagel.  He thinks there are better breads out there so this won't be at his top choices.  But he doesn't want to disappoint HT wife who has been longing for just lounging in a cafe while having tête-à-tête :D.  And B&B didn't disappoint him as this cafe serves bagels how a European would love it.  HT hubbie got an 'everything-on-it' bagel (with all types of seeds they smack on the top of the bread) and he even scooped from my honey and walnuts cream cheese which he said was a good add-on to his bagel plate.

Now, did the bagel got stuck on my teeth or wounded my gums?  Neither, i love how it was crunchy and toasted from the outside but soft in the inside. :)

 It was good to hang out again in a cafe, without taking note of the time, just sipping our coffee while enjoying our bagel delights!

Price Summary (in euro)
Bagels with cream cheese = 3.35
Goat cheese with bacon and pine nuts = 5.60
Freshly squeezed orange juice (s) = 2.30
Cappuccino = 2.30

*i put those stars just to cover the faces of the diners :D
Bagels and Beans (44 outlets around NL and growing)
Biltstraat 60
3572 BD Utrecht
(they're also open on Sundays)


  1. We love bagels and beans too :)

  2. Andrew recommended this place to me...so finally, we were able to visit it, thanks to both of you...we need more tips on where to eat in NL :D

  3. I am not big on bagels too but the goat cheese and bacon looks so good that I don't mind eating it.

  4. Hi PY! You had the same notion as HT hubbie:). But for me, i have this American influence since birth...i only eat it alone or with butter/cream cheese. haha but it's difficult to give up goat cheese, that is for sure.