Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lisbon, Portugal: A special night at Eleven

It's HT couple's first time to dine in a restaurant with Michelin star.  Thanks to our friend who shares the same passion for food and travel, did this reservation in a snap and we were brought into once in a lifetime experience.

All we can say is, it was worth the star.  Come and join us on our journey with Chef Joachim Koerper's creation.

we got extra pieces of the chocolate financier :)

I exchanged the supposed-to-be cream soup with a clear one as the name has "portuguese" with it but disappointing.

portugal = bacalhau (cod)

perfect!  my dish of the night

for palate cleansing

my 2nd best dish of the night

from lower right (clockwise) - youngest to oldest

more sweets to go with coffee or tea

We got a few plates outside the menu that was served in between.  The best things in life were for free that night.

starters...loved that hairy tempura prawns!

heavy, fruity, nutty cake that was served with the cheeses

the diners of chef Joachim left with fully but happy tummies.

Av. Marquês da Fronteira Jardim Amália Rodrigues
1070 Lisboa Portugal
(at the top of Eduardo VII Park)
Tasting menu = 98.50 euros


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