Saturday, July 2, 2011

TIME-OUT: HT wife...little did she know

Life is really full or surprises.  HT wife moved to this side of the world only knowing she'll be with HT husband freezing together in the land of milk and cheese...and windmills and clogs.

She had complaints.  She was almost at the point she wanted to go back to Asia.  Until, she slowly accepted that she is where she is now. 

Little did she know that it's also a full turn of her life.

She wanted to learn to drive.  She wanted to be independent.  Fate answered her prayers.  Little did she know that she learned how to drive but only with 2 wheels.  And for sure, she can handle 2 more wheels soon.

They said you learned a lot of words when you read books.  Carl Hiaasen and Stephen Clarke make her laugh.  Those chick lits( literature) brings out the woman in her.  Little did she know that at this side of the world, she wouldn't be spending any dime for more books, as she haven't finished her favorite book for a while.

HT wife has difficulty in saying NO.  Little did she know that this would be her most frequently used word.  With the dutch "no"....Nee (ney), it became more subtle and rejection suddenly is a song to one's ears. And at this side of the world, you can even say 'Nee' several times with up and down tone...just like singing.

Little did she know that she would still be in Holland...after a year.

But one thing she knows, she would be with HT hubbie...freezing again together for another year.

Yes!  It's been a year...sinced I moved myself to Holland.  I survived! 

HT couple in their first night of moving to this side of the world (thanks Poepels)


  1. Gefeliciteerd Loraine!!! :D

  2. Hey Ratna! Bedankt! Ik heb mis je.

  3. sure you can!!!! :) Armand's really taking goooood care of you (^^,)

  4. Woohoo! Gefeliciteerd, Loraine. Cheers to another year! and another, and another, and... etc. :)

  5. Congrats! Gefeliciteerd!

  6. @Jesse and @Oranjeflamingo - Bedankt! :)