Saturday, June 4, 2011

Utrecht, Netherlands: LE:EN

HT Couple is still looking out for unique restaurants in Utrecht.  If you have read our post about BADHUIS, then you can see the similarities of this place but focusing on different cuisine.  And I came to know later on, that Badhuis and LE:EN, are sisters. :)

How did we stumble into LE:EN?  They said couples get along if they enjoy simple leisure TOGETHER.  And if we're not underwater or outside the Netherlands, we love cycling or walking around Utrecht over and over again.  Even with the same routes, Utrecht never failed to amaze me with hidden eating places that as soon as I get the sight of it, I know that I would be back there soon...sometimes too soon.

This was the scene that we stumbled just cycling around.  They have a small terrace in front where you can enjoy their unique cocktails and drinks. 

the place has the same unique character as badhuis.  But this place is more laid back and has that oriental feel.

And they stick to being oriental/asiatic by serving plum wine and lychee wine which HT couple didn't think twice of ordering. :)   The lychee wine was nice but we preferred the plum wine.

The menu kaart, same as badhuis, you're given enough choices where you can tick off and order what you fancy.  In Asia, this way of ordering is famous in HK food places.  I love the concept.  It saves time for the waiter and saves energy for the diners of saying 'no, i'm not ready to order yet'.  Neat, he?

And...what have we ticked off in the list?
The only item in the breads and dips.  This is a combination of Indian naan, which was a disappointment as naan but good as bread, Surinamese papadum and cassava chips but to me the latter tasted like prawn crackers which went well with th Pakistan bengan raita dip and Indian coriander chutney, which HT hubbie is addicted to.  (He's a coriander monster!  Shh...)

Ever since i've decided that I would be in Europe for good, I always fancy for peking duck.  and I don't think I've eaten much duck back in Asia as much as i've eaten here.  I guess, it's true that absence made your heart grow fonder...and mine is for the duck.  This peking duck roll was pretty good with hoisin sauce on the side.  The minced duck filling was tasteful enough but i guess i am missing the duck skin and the oozing oil running through my mouth.  For a little over 5 euro, i'm not complaining.

We ordered this Japanese Takaki Sashimi, when it made me mouth-watered when I saw it on another table.  I haven't eaten beef this raw before but the dip played an important factor in this dish that gave the beef slices it's!

we loved this fish roe dip!  We enjoyed popping the roe in our mouth.

For something warm, we had Japanese Kare Udon - Curry with sake, calf meat, veggies and maybe 5 pieces of udon streaks!  (yes, I counted it!  but it's under soup section, so it's understandable)

We also didn't want to miss anything on the sticks, so we got ourselves this Indian vindaloo which was a delight as well.

This was the last dish that came but it was worth the wait.  This goat rendang was tender and smackingly delicious.  We were not planning to eat much carbs, but with this dish, we forgot about that plan.

And this place ddidn't burn our pockets as most items were priced around 3-7 euros. 

After a nice dinner here, HT couple went back home and continue with their other simple leisure together...watching TV while they're cuddled up on the couch.

Have a great week allemaal! 

Westerkade 37
(check out their website as they're moving soon!)

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  1. Why would you go just for food there are amny other things in those places that might be way more instrsting then food