Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Amsterdam, Netherlands: Pancakes Upstairs

Before crepe even existed in the world, there is the so-called Dutch Pancakes and it still exists in this side of the world.

And being one of the national food of the land of clogs and tulips, you can find this famous pancakes in every corner of Amsterdam.  But if you want your journey to pancakes be more exciting, then look for this...
Pannenkoekenhuis Upstairs

and here's the journey going up...

it ain't your ordinary dining place...it's fuss-free and homey (i blurred the faces of my friend and her sister as I didn't ask their permission:D)

teapots everywhere (i'm sure they wouldn't notice if you try to steal one) and a portrait of the dutch royalties...gezellig, huh?

The indonesian staff was very nice to us.  We even exchanged our experiences learning the dutch language and he's taking his state exam for dutch proficiency this week so good luck to him. :)
What is nice about dutch pancakes is its thin crust (crepe in texture) as it let you savor the toppings and the fillings at its best.  And, i love its versatility.  So i went hawaiian with bacon, cheese, tomato and of course, pineapple slices.

My friend chose apples on top of her bacon and tomato pancakes.  She was sure that apples are always a perfect companion with anything savory.

Her sister got the same as mine but with an exotic topping (caramaelized gember - ginger)

Even though these were savory pancakes, the syrup-stroop still blended well with it (check out that Van Gilse bottle).  We love the stroop on our pancakes!

The serving was pretty huge and it was difficult to finish.  At some point, my friend and I poked all the bacon strips in the pancakes. haha

Did you notice we all ordered pancakes with bacon?  Because, you can never go wrong with bacon in any dish or having it alone.  It is super! (dutch expression).

Try it out when you had the chance to visit Amsterdam whether you're a local or not.

Pancakes are priced around 8-9+ euro.  If you're not a big eater, I would suggest to share it with your travel mate or your partner in crime.

Pannenkoekenhuis Upstairs
Grimburgwal 2
Amsterdam, The Netherlands


  1. My stomach actually churned in hunger when I look at the pancake with caramelised ginger :P

  2. Hey PY! I know it really looks good, and tasting it confirms our first glance expectations :).

  3. Dutch pizza! haha.. looking good!

  4. Ahh, the Dutch pancakes are so yummy! And they look so good in those pictures! I also love Hawaiian - my fave, in fact!

    PS - teapots hanging from the ceiling = awesome.


  5. @Jesse - Aren't we lucky to be surrounded by dutch....pancakes? :D Though in a few months, you'll be more into scones and fish and chips. No worries, when you're back we should go to that dutch pancake place in Rhijnauwen, here in Utrecht :)

    Love you site btw! I love you how you write :) Do you mind if i put your site on the left hand side of the blogs i read? :D

  6. Oh yes, we must go to that pancake restaurant in the Rihjnauwen! I've been wanting to check it out :)

    And I would be truly honoured if you put a up link to my site! I better get updating it more! Hehe.