Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Heart's Day!

This post is non-food related but..
 Hungry Trotting Couple wishes everyone Happy Heart's Day! :)

the story behind these flowers:
HT couple are not into V-day.  But HT hubbie cannot resist HT wife not being surprised on this special day.  HT hubbie planned to go to the flower shop and make croissants early this morning while i'm still sleeping and gives me breakfast in bed with flowers (just like those in cheesy hollywood movies).  It didn't go well, ladies and gentlemen, as his laziness kicked in, and decided to stay in bed with me.  We got up at the same time, and started working, but I noticed he was uncomfortable the whole morning and all along i thought it was work that's bothering him.  Until he found an excuse, sneaked out and came back, all wet, (as it was raining) with this lovely bouquet.  When I took the roses, I hug him and gave him a very matured answer..."Awww, you shouldn't have, thank you" and brought the flowers to the living smelling, each rose one by one.  Then, I slowly went to the bedroom...and secretly, jumped for joy several times on the bed...just like when i received flowers from my crushes when I was still in the category of "teens".  I felt...happy, YOUNG (*no contradictions please) and in love. :D

V-day has never been a thing for HT hubbie, but somehow, he never fails me every year. :D


  1. Awww that's so sweeeeeet of HT hubby! Haha I can feel your joy! :D Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. awwww!!! ahahaha that's really sweet! and you're really cute jumping like that :D happy Valentine's day to youu!

  3. awww.. he's so sweet :D

    Happy vday!

  4. So sweet...I do not believe in Vday too but HT hubby way too sweet! Have a nice day!

  5. Hey ladies, Happy Vday to all of you and hope you guys had fun!