Saturday, December 18, 2010

TIME-OUT: It's Christmas time again...

Time flew fast and it's almost Christmas! :)  I just love this season.  Walking around the shopping area, you can hear a lot of people saying 'LEUK' (meaning "nice" or "pretty" ) in every corner.

Why do i love this season?

I love Christmas lights.  I even enjoyed cycling even if it's freezing cold to check out from the smallest christmas light a family put up in their house up to the almost burning home of a family who didn't care about the electricity bill just to give that Christmas atmosphere.  I love it!

Santa would suddenly show up (ok here in NL after the Sinterklaas).  He still makes me smile even if he had stopped giving me gifts since I was 6. (but i wouldn't mind if i'm getting one this year...did you get that HT hubbie? :D)

I love putting up a Christmas tree and it's more special here in Holland as we bought a real tree! Though I miss dad's talent in decorating one...but it's the spirit that counts. 

I love receiving Christmas cards unexpectedly.  I even got a huge one from my colleagues in India! :)

And of course, the never ending parties, gatherings and get together makes this season even more special.  Everyone gives time to be part of it.

So before everyone goes for holiday and becomes busy to read our blog...
HT COUPLE would like to greet you...
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Prettige Feestdagen and Gelukkig Nieuw Jaar!

There are hundreds of reason to love this holiday season.  What's yours? :)


  1. Those mugs are so cute! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you both, Loraine & hub!

  2. Where are the pics from the cave Christmas market in Valkenburg?
    :-) Merry Christmas everyone

  3. Have a blessed Christmas & New Year!

  4. wishing you and your family a merry christmas and happy new year!

  5. I love everything about Christmas! It makes me just wanna splurge on my loved ones! :D Yeah merry christmas to you!

  6. Thanks everyone! I can feel the love despite of the distance :) More eating this season and cheers to 2011! :)

    @HT hubbie -> check out myfoodsirens (Kaelyn's blog), that's where the Valkenburg pics are :)

  7. Eat more be merry! Happy advanced Christmas!! :D

  8. Merry Christmas in advance! Eat more of the goodies for us! =)

  9. Hey Bella V and Daniel! Merry Christmas to both of you and to your family! :)I will eat more here for you guys and do eat for me in SG ok? :)

  10. HT Hubbie and HT Wifey mugs?? AWWW So Sweet! :)

    Have a Happy Holidays Lorraine, you're missed here in Singapore!

  11. Hey Harris! Happy Holidays to you too! :) Hope to see you in March if you're not so busy! Keep on eating this 2011 wherever you may be.